Dropbox: Online File Sharing

In by Michael Michelini

Working with online teams? Then you must need to share files and access to them somehow.

Dropbox is the original and still almost the “word” you use for sharing a file to someone else online. I remember first using it in 2010/2011 and being amazed – simply install the software on my laptop, drag and drop the files I want to sync online (in the cloud) and then forget about it. The uploading happens in the background so that I can focus on other tasks.

So the core function is – you can relax now if you lose or break your laptop. All those files (at least the ones you synced in dropbox) are now backed up and you can login to your dropbox (or install on your new laptop) and download them / re-sync them. That is a real good insurance policy!

The real power comes in though when working with online teams. You can have shared folders, and then upload / download files between each other for collaboration.

There is a free plan for 2 gigs, but most likely you’ll enjoy it and need more space which is ten bucks a month. Worth it just for the insurance policy in my opinion- check out dropbox today!

Dropbox: Online File Sharing
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