Bouncing Back After A Big Change

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Bouncing Back After A Big Change

There was about a month delay -then that wall of – wow – this is really happening.

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I have been reading more books than I ever did in school – which I am proud to say. But one problem is I am forgetting where I am learning new tactics and strategies.

I believe it was in a negotiation book – and he says that true power and influence comes when you are able to keep going when you get knocked down. He is talking about it in the form of selling or negotiating – when people say no to you over and over again – and you keep on trying to find an angle in the negotiating.

But he further goes to say that it is also about playing football. That there are many amazing football players (or any sports player) – but the ones who really stand out are the ones who make that last minute extra effort to grab the ball that bounced off their chest, or tackle that player who slipped by you. The “and 1” effort of making a basketball shot even during a foul.

That is kind of the mindset I need to have after the week of immigration nightmare and then coming back from an Yiwu China trip. My buddy Meir talked to me – and said “what do I expect after such a massive move that would take most people 6 months to a year to execute on”.

So in today’s video blog I am just relaxing a bit on the weekend with the family. Doing my morning work as always – and then a nice afternoon with the wife and kids.

Isn’t that what life is all about.

Honey Bell on the team has been feeling my frustration and stress. She suggest I just unplug a bit over the weekend.

To be able to BOUNCE back is the most important. Instead of stressing out and destroying relationships and other things you have made – take a step back, and come back STRONGER than ever.

Of course there is that thought – as an immigrant of a country (which I believe EVERYONE should feel at some time in their life) – what if it doesn’t work out, what if I can’t stay here. I’ve had these discussions and thoughts many ‘a times over the 10+ years living abroad. To realize taht you are at the mercy of a country’s immigration system to deem if you (and for me now – my family) are able to reside there.

But I think this will be really helpful for the kids upbringing. They asked what is going on – what are these lines, what are all these papers and photos. They are understanding about living in different countries and the process of staying there. Such an amazing perspective on life and immigration at such a young age.

So – let’s all just realize – breath – take a step back – and come back from a traumatizing experience bigger and better than ever. And try to not destroy friendships and business relationships as a side effect – realize what the problem is – who there is to blame – and keep the rest of your life separate from that.

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