Welcome 2023, New Year, Networking Normal?

Welcome 2023, New Year, Networking Normal?

In blog, business, vlog by Michael Michelini

The last few years have been a turning point for many, lives adjusted, businesses adjusted – and we keep pushing forward.

Entering a new year is always a fresh start feel, and to me, 2023 is the year I feel covid will be mainly behind us. Especially due to heavy involvement with China in multiple businesses we do, it has been challenging – but the borders have start to re-open.

In today’s vlog, I took the cam with me to a few of my “afternoon business development” meetings in “downtown Chiang Mai”. Just to “dust off the vlog” for the new year and push myself to network a bit.

Lunch with Gauthier – who I haven’t seen since just before Covid when we were in Manila (Jan 2020!) – so 3 years later. The guy even helped me move my stuff out of my BGC apartment when I had to evacuate Philippines. A great friend and nice to catch up.

Afternoon private Amazon mastermind – just a few of the active Amazon e-commerce sellers we have connected with here in Chiang Mai met up at a “private members only club” (if I took video they’d make me disappear, ah!). Two hours of intense business talking and sharing.

Meeting John (TheLivingCrystal – Kickstarter coming soon) to get some gemstones for my own TLC device, as well as talk about business, mediation, and life.

Hope you enjoy this “Behind the scenes” day with my networking – as I re-adjust to the “old days”.

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