Whether You See Your Career Playing Out In China Or Elsewhere In The World

In by Michael Michelini

“I’m writing this testimonial from my apartment in Medellin, Colombia which I never could’ve imagined if I didn’t meet Mike and start working under him just 6 months ago (summer 2017). At the time I joined, I was an English teacher in China that wanted to get more hands on experience with an entrepreneur in China. Slaving away at a giant Chinese company wasn’t on my to do list and from the moment I met Mike it was game on. I was immediately thrown into all of his projects and was talking with entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the world.

Every day was unique and flew by – doing border runs to go to conferences in Hong Kong, setting up eCommerce events and welcoming 30 business professionals from Brazil, getting my hands dirty with building out a WordPress platform, and even flying down to Vietnam to expand his business there. The point being – I did more and learned more from Mike within 2 months than from any company or touted online course I’ve been a part of in the past.

Whether you see your career playing out in China or elsewhere in the world, working with Mike is going to speed up that process and seriously open up doors to opportunities you never knew existed. Good luck to the next apprentice!”

Andrew Voda