Mike! You are an inspiration.

In by Michael Michelini

Just listing to your latest podcast this morning as I tidy the garden in piss wet cold British lockdown.
You inspired me to dig back into GFA24 and 117 Steve Marsh – great stuff …I t’s a while since I listened to them.
I have spent the last year focussing on Amazon skills and took my foot off the gas on the HK and sourcing side, but you inspire me to kick a$$ on it again.
Even the home schooling… I just told my kids about what you’re doing – they are teenagers so I got a little more pushback than you!

So great!
Now China is now challenging and HK is also, I feel this is THE time to leverage my sourcing skills. Many people will be frightened off – so it must be time to double down.

Mike! You are an inspiration.
Don’t read my name out on air please!!!
But I will be back in touch with my ideas.