Podcast Setup

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  • Sale Price: $750

Podcast Setup

Want someone to help you setup a podcast? Work with a company that has a few of their own and has helped many others start theirs too.

In this package, we offer:

* Assistance with podcast show’s artwork – you’ll need artwork for your show. We can help making 3 choices based on your show’s concept
* Setting up the podcast hosting – We can work with you to setup the podcast server, depending on your needs and budget we will give you some choices.
* Creating podcast feed – Installing plugin configuration on your wordpress blog – We will help you make the right RSS feed configuration for your blog. Please note that this requires you to already have wordpress setup on your website. If you need help installing wordpress, please check our blog setup package.
* Submitting to iTunes – we will help you prepare your iTunes feed and submit to iTunes.
* Suggesting topics for your first 3 – 5 shows – to help you get started, we will recommend three to five different podcast show ideas for your kickoff debut.

This is a great package for those who always wanted to start a podcast, have a general idea of what is involved, but need a bit of a push to get there. Let our professional team work with you to get it going.

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