In by Michael Michelini

Let’s not forget Godaddy

How can a web marketing tool platform be complete without Godaddy? Jeez, I think most of us would admit we bought our first domain on it! I bought my first domain (my full name) in 1999 when I wanted to make sure no one could register my name. (Jeez, if only I went on a buying spree!)

They offer basically everything you could need – on top of domains. But you normally will become advanced enough to just use them for the domains and have the other services elsewhere.

If you are actively buying and selling websites you may want to keep them all on Godaddy – as pushing them to another Godaddy account is free and instantaneous.

As it has been around forever, you can trust it, yet as it does everything, it can be a bit tricky to rely on it for all your processes. If you’re just getting started out, I often tell people to go here as it can handle it – and their customer support is pretty helpful.

Check out Godaddy here.

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