Brain Fm

In by Michael Michelini

Using as I type this up! Been using it for years and can really say it has helped me work so much more productively.

What is Brain Fm? Supposedly there is a science behind it, but to say more simply it is a set of non-vocal music that you can set for work (focus), sleep, reading, etc.

I purely use it for work.

How do I use it?

I work in pomodoros – basically in 30 minute sets. So for example my writing set (where I type this up) I start a 30 minute timer (gym boss) and then start a 30 minute Brain FM focus set (it defaults to 2 hours, so I am always updating it to 30 minutes each day I start it).

Before Brain FM I would try different music, from the rainstorms and other nature sounds, to hard core techno, etc. Some say Beethoven or classical music, but for me, it is all about Brain Fm.

They also have a mobile app, and I have been using that more lately so that I don’t have to have a web browser opened on my computer to use it.

Check out today!

Brain Fm
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