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New: Leverage Buying On Amazon For Your Business

We all buy on Amazon (unless you’re my wife – she only buys on Tmall!) and how many times have you made a purchase for something from Amazon and then asked your company to reimburse you?

What if I told you Amazon has (finally) a solution for this? Its called Amazon for business.

Now this is like what I have done for Airbnb – when I need to have someone on my team go to a new city, I can buy their airbnb, in their name, from my Airbnb business account and use my company credit card. No more annoying having them pay and then pay me back.

So with Amazon business – can do a similar way. Add people on your staff to be authorized to make purchases with the Amazon business account and it can be billed to the company straight away. Multiple payment options, some new for Amazon business – for you to use.

Simplify Your Accounting

I don’t know about you – but I am not a fan of accounting and reimbursements. It is normally sloppy spreadsheets and email attachments from various team members that gets lost and annoyed by all. The staff don’t want to use their personal accounts to make purchases, and you don’t want to ask them to do it either.

I’m excited this feature is rolled out for Amazon and we can all now more simply and easily have the process done.

Check out my Amazon spark post for more quick overview info and a link to signup – free!

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Amazon Business
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