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When my son was due to be born, I was deciding how much of it I was going to share on social media. Would I turn my feed into an endless stream of baby photos – turning off my business connections?

Google searching “baby social network” or something like this – I came across 23snaps.com – a free social network you can setup for your family.

I signed up – invited my family – and started uploading photos.

Problem solved!

Friends love it – and Facebook friends should be thanking me (but don’t even know what they were in for had I not found this app)

Check it out – 23snaps.com !

So do how I use 23snaps?

Basically it started after that first post on Facebook announcing the birth of my child. Sure, I think we at least need that single announcement – but what came after. Some people were asking for more updates, more baby photos.

I didn’t want my personal brand / personal account to become a source of baby photos. I remembered the times I saw my friends convert their accounts into baby photo albums. Hearing stories of friends who defriended – or more likely updated their Facebook friend relationship to not show status updates from this new parent anymore.

Inviting Those Facebook Friends To 23snaps

The beautiful thing about 23snaps is that you don’t need to do anything special to invite someone – it isn’t like they have to fit into the “grandfather / uncle / aunt / cousin” role – you simply invite someone to join your “family”. So when I first had my kids, people kept asking me for more baby photos – I would say I’ll DM (direct message) you.

In the direct message I would let them know that I am not going to be sharing too many baby photos on my public social media accounts and prefer to have a private social network. I would invite them – well ask them first – if they would want to join and then see a ton of updates.

Problem solved – no more requests from friends and family to invite them to see more photos on my Facebook and a nice little private social network for my kids.

Crazy Part – 23snaps is FREE

Now, I have to admit something – when I was doing my Googling for a family social network, I was willing to pay a monthly fee! I was thinking 5, 10, even 20usd a month would be fair to create my own little private social network for my kids to grow up in. But this 23snaps is totally free!

I know, right?

Actually a few other friends of mine who use this – we are also afraid of what can happen. We want to see 23snaps continue to be online and host our family networks.

They do make money by selling photos – but honestly I have a feeling they don’t make too much money from me or my family. Maybe they can integrate with Printful and print out photos for even more products – such as mugs and hats, etc.

Definitely Recommend to use 23snaps if you want a private baby network

Now, some of my friends still don’t care that their baby photos are filling up their Facebook timeline and spamming all their friends. Others have used Instagram and set the account to private. But for me and a few other friends with kids – we love 23snaps.

Recommend at least browsing it if you are a new parent. And let me know what you think in the review below.

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