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Content Marketing on Amazon Without Your Own Blog

Taiwan East Meets West Cross border Ecommerce Summit
Feb 2019

Today we will talk about marketing your Amazon products using content marketing – and I was asked to not go from the angle of building up your own content and blog and website – as it is true – that is a long road and if you are just starting on Amazon it will take at least six months to really see some results.

So today I will share a few strategies for getting content and traffic to your Amazon listing without needing to go the longer and harder road of making your own site and content.

But first – what is the goal? What is our passion here. To me – and hopefully you – it is to build a long term, equity building brand.

So let’s define – what is a brand?

It is often used at this point – but hey – this is an Amazon event so what the heck – Jeff Bezos famously said:

A Brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Let’s dive even deeper.

What is the difference of branding and a brand?

Technically a brand is like what many new business people think, or unaware people think – they simply think it is a logo stamped on a product. Private label for example. OEM a product and put my own name on it. Now I have a brand.

Ok – fair enough, that technically is a brand.

Here is the real value – doing BRANDING on your brand.

So what is branding?

It is the act of FEEDING an audience. Your audience. What is the food that the audience eats? Content. Content most of the time you think of long text blog posts – but content is really any kind of media that a human being consumes (eats) and then hopefully enjoys and has this little buzzing “thank you for that” feeling in their mind.

So if really want to build a brand – IE – Branding – you need to constantly feed your target audience so that they keep coming back to you for more.

Alright – now with this in mind – let’s talk Amazon, content, and using other people’s audiences to build up some shorter term benefits from content marketing.

Let’s go into Amazon seller central and follow these steps. We are creating a promotion code for a specific blog. We can make a general one, even for our own blog / email list just to get the hang of it.

Creating this coupon allows you to give something of value to people – and can even measure who is doing what – but that is for later – right now you want to be comfortable with the flow of making coupons in Amazon for Amazon checkout (not Shopify, etc) – we are sending this traffic directly to our Amazon products.

Checking out the screenshots I made you will be able to make your own.

Alright – now we have coupons and know how to make them for new bloggers. Let’s head on over to Google. Let’s search for top reviews about the product we are selling on Amazon.

Are you familiar with Amazon Associates? It is the Amazon affiliate program tons of bloggers and Youtubers are using to get commission from their content. So you are simply asking them to consider adding your product to their content and add a link to your Amazon product – with their tracking code.

What is special?

The special part is you have a coupon code. So that will increase conversions of people on their site to buy on Amazon. The blogger can add a special section on their page that says “buy this product and get a special 15% discount only for our blog readers!” This will get them excited to take action and grab this – it also has a deadline, and Amazon being so huge they need to click that link in order to even find the product (thus getting the commission to the blogger).

Keep in mind – the blogger’s main goal is to get people to go to Amazon and buy a PRODUCT. It doesn’t need to be your product – can be someone else – but so long as they click the link on their blog to Amazon and a purchase is made – they get commission. So they are finding more ways to get people to click into Amazon so they get that cash money in their pocket.

So we will find a lot of these bloggers writing about our product types on Google. This is where some art will come into play. Reaching out – I really recommend spending the time to read their blog and personalize it a bit.

Goal of the first email is to simply get a reply and start a conversation.

So I started this live as I made this presentation – and it goes in all kinds of directions. Yes, people will say no – as I have in the slides.

Others will recommend you to go to events – like I happened to run into. Then you meet other people at the events, learn what they are doing, work out other marketing campaigns.

Some will say they are not too into your specific type of product and prefer – even suggest you – to make different type of product. Isn’t this some amazing feedback and engagement. We can work with them on a specific product and even get them to feel part of the process.

What is the goal – what is really happening.

So what is happening here. We are engaging with bloggers (influencers) and working WITH THEM. Not simply asking them to do something for free. We can offer a small compensation to them if we want to save time – but I like to try to get them to do it because this is their passion and they will earn money on the Amazon associates commission.

Don’t be shy, this is what building a brand takes.

You will start to build external traffic to your Amazon listing. This will hopefully convert well and generate more organic search traffic from Amazon itself – as the gurus are saying that more external traffic to your listing the better signals Amazon is putting on it.

I’ll open it up to questions now, but the main summary is – understand bloggers need content and want to earn money by getting commission on Amazon associates. Try to make it as easy as possible – and work with them to help both you and them make money.

Get the presentation slides here:

Download the Presentation Here

What I Learned at the Conference

Just my raw notes:

What I Learned At The Taipei Conference

Anthony Lee:
Testing Facebook Ads –
2 headlines – 1 short and 1 long
2 descriptions – 1 short and 1 long story + review/testimonial
2 media – 1 product pic and the other showing the target customer

Chat Fuel

CJ Rosenbaum :
Focus on fixing the root cause if you have a listing problem.

Paul – KDP can be used to promote your amazon FBA business. Make an ebook and use it to promote your products.

Edgar – on branding it is about differentiation. Went through various logos and styles of brands.

Davide – grouping your Facebook ads organization is the key.

Daniel Fernandez – 8 hacks for Amazon:
Getting amazon choice – url with your target keyword (amazon choice is per keyword) that goes direct to the checkout page of Amazon.
Ranking fast – do exact match on high search volume keywords that are relevant to your product. Bid 0.50 to 1.00 (but more on the 0.50 side) and then in placement settings put first place setting at 900% (which means you can pay up to 5.00 for being in the top spot of ads.
Put a budget of $100usd a day but most likely will only spend 60-70.

(followup notes from Daniel):
results are not typical, many variables and the more you check the better chances:
1. KW to product relevance (is it specific?)
2. KW competitiveness (KW is “garlic press”?)
3. Offer (what do you have that makes you stand out? Better price, improved product, improved quantity (you offer 2-pack instead of competitors of 1-pack, etc)
4. Listing quality (do your photos communicate the benefits instantly?)
5. Reviews (I do this with product with 0 or more reviews, however the more there is the better CTR, CVR)
…to name a few
I’ve used this strategy with newly launched products and old ones to improve ranking, in some cases reach page 1 rankings. Each time this has required strong budgets (over $500 for 2 weeks or more). Money will spend fast, this is not for beginners, I’ve made mistakes doing this (failed tests). DO AT YOUR OWN RISK

Optimize images for Mobile – make it a bit taller – not perfectly square. Most people are buying on mobile now.
Leverage other terms in your listing. Not sure what to put – download the flat file (template) and then see how many of those you can fit under.
Upload a user guide – go into Amazon B2B and product uploader to upload PDFs of various user guides.

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