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What Is Quality Search Engine Optimization?

So you’re excited to get more people to find your website from Google search -but not sure exactly what is involved? While many companies will say “leave that to us” and not reveal what they are doing, we are here to help change that.

SEO is not black magic. It is a two step process. The first step is to make sure that your website is built so that is is readable by the search engines (as well as people of course). But don’t over do it and only build your website for the search engine – the primary user is the “human” visitor.

Once your website has been properly tweaked so that search engines can find it and find all the content in it, then the real internet marketing work begins. This is about getting other websites and social sites to know you exist! Traditionally called link building, there are many forms of getting other websites to link to you.

Are you a local business? Then you’ll need to get into local directories via citations. If you’re a product business, maybe that means getting bloggers to review your products. There are many creative ways instead of the “sneaky” spammy links that some people think of SEO as.

And once the site has been built to maximize the search engine crawlers, and more websites and third party sites are linking to it – we help ensure this continues to grow. This means watching the industry for changes in the way search engines crawl and rank, as well as monitoring your competitors and ensuring you are ahead of the pack.

While you may think you can do this yourself, just like an professional service, having experts who do it all day long have a much better position to help you. The industry is fast changing and just keeping on top of the changes is a full time endeavor. Let us be your trusted internet marketing service provider!

How It Works

When we get started to work together, there will be a few things we need to do. Here is the step by step playbook:


Step 1: You Send Us a Request For Proposal (RFP).

We need to know what your website is, what your target keywords are, and other expectations you have from an internet marketing service provider.

Step 2: We Review Your SEO Requirements And Create a Proposal.

Once we know what you currently have, and where you want to go, our company will evaluate the market and competitor landscape to see how much of a challenge your industry is.

Step 3: Agree on The Proposal & Make First Payment.

Review our proposal. It will contain some valuable insights as well, that you are free to use for yourself or even sent to our competitors (though we hope you won’t!). This is our way of showing you how much we care, and hope you see that we are the right SEO provider for you. The price may have an upfront fee (if your website needs a bit of a re-build to tweak for SEO), and then an ongoing monthly fee for marketing. If you agree, make the first payment.

Step 4: Our client services representative will be assigned to you.

Once you get all setup and the service begins, you will have your own client services representative to speak with. They will be there for you to ask questions about how things are going, as well as send you updates and reports on the progress of the service.

Step 5: You continue to add content to the site.

You are the expert in your industry, we recommend you or someone internally in your team keep the website up to date with blog posts and new pages. You can continue to do this, or take our advice from the proposal and analysis and start doing this as a new initiative. We can help give you keyword ideas and content suggestions if you’d like.

Step 6: Setting Expectations: Give Us At Least 3 Months.

This is where trust comes into play. SEO takes time to kick in. We ask for at least three months of our services to pass before you give us an evaluation. While we don’t make you sign long term commitments, and you can cancel at any time, we strongly recommend you at least budget 3 months of our service to see results.

Step 7: Adjust / Tweak Your SEO campaign.

Over time, as the site improves and as the industry changes, we may need t adjust keywords and add changes to the website. This can be done by us, or by you or another firm. Though as the keywords improve, we do hope you to move to more challenging words and spread things out a bit.


This is the main outline of how we work. We hope to have a long term win-win cooperation with your company. We love internet marketing.

Our firm is always keeping on top of the latest changes so that you can focus on building your business.

So….are you…

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