Sales Lion is an aggressive internet marketing tool. Its purpose is simple, get you more leads, simple, faster, and better than anything else on the webSales Lion Logo

We want Saleslion customers to be alieved of the hassle of managing click budgets, multiple sales channels, and all that B.S. that gets in the way of the most important part of your business SELLING! Let Saleslion grab you more leads!

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Saleslion is an online lead generation platform that will connect all you different sales channels to one platform, Management your channels, generate more leads and manages those leads in a super easy to use lead management system.

p>We started saleslion by connecting one sales channel just Google Adwords. We use the Google Adwords Api to get data from google and connect this to our online Saleslion Dashboard. So you have an easy overview of what you spent and how much you make.

Right now we are working on connecting more channels such as,


Social Media (Twitter and Facebook)

B2B Platforms (Alibaba and Global Sources)


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