New Service – Blog Revival

I have read many amazing blogs over the years – and I am so sad to see them expire and go to waste. The whole purpose of blogging in my opinion is to help people for the long term. so seeing these sites expire due to unkept hosting, giving up, or death – is really sad.

So I have started to pick up and revive sites on my own to bring them back to life and continue to help those out there get the news and information the writer had in the first place.

A Bit of Back Story

Over the decades, friends have come to me about website problems. Their wordpress got hacked, their hosting expired, some even lost their domain as they didn’t get the email reminders!

I enjoy being a “pack rat” and finding lost content and helping people patch it together.

Together with the desperate friend (a friend in need is a friend indeed!) we have recovered the expired domains (various ways, some had to wait years!), have restored old sites that had been hacked, and repaired broken sites.

Many Friends in China Lost Their Sites

In the 2009 – 2011 timeframe a ton of my Chinese friends lost their domains and hosting as it was registered inside China. Maybe they could have kept it, but there was something like requirements to host needing to have their photo ID and registration on file with the government hosting bureau (not sure the exact term).

At that time I helped some transfer their domain and host online. It is crazy to me to see old sites getting wasted due to government regulations. I definitely shed a tear or two (or three!).

Some blogs from friends we have revived Mobatech (friend’s mobile app startup), Nanfang (South China news site), Andy Blahnik’s blog (A friend’s site).

Also we have a Blog JV project where we can collaborate with people to build or grow their current websites. Learn more here.

What Does Revive Mean For Blogs?

Checking the Apple Dictionary (typing this up today without internet as I fly from Bangkok to Chiang Mai) – it says:

revive | rəˈvīv |
verb [with object] restore to life or consciousness: both men collapsed, but were revived.
• [no object] regain life, consciousness, or strength: she was beginning to revive from her faint.
• give new strength or energy to: the cool, refreshing water revived us all.
• restore interest in or the popularity of: many pagan traditions continue or are being revived.
• improve the position or condition of: the paper made panicky attempts to revive falling sales.

So we are doing this with many amazing blogs. I know how much work it is to make a blog, to consistently write them – so I hope that by reviving them we bring some happiness back to the world.

Do Not Want To Restore Your Old Blog?

If your blog has been revived here and you do not want it – please send a request at

We do this in effort to help the web visitors find the actual content, not 404 pages, and even worse – casino and gambling spam redirects.

Is Your Favorite Blog Lost and You Need Help Recovering it!

Are you a blogger – or maybe you are even a blog reader – and that blog went offline. You loved the content and you want to see it brought back online so that more people can enjoy that content and learn and grow as individuals – because that is what life is all about.

Let’s talk, I would love to chat to you about finding the right way to:

* Restore your favorite blog on the internet that went offline.
* Ensure that it is restored correctly, spam free, and in a stable hosting (Mike can take care of this)
* Find your lost domain
* Recover your lost server / hosting
* Cleaning up a hacked site with PHP sql inclusion spam or other horrible hacker things.
* Other issues? We would love to see how we can help make the web a stronger and better place.

Let’s get in touch about reviving a blog today, connect with Mike’s blog now