I am currently writing this at the age of 28, I hope in the next few years, I can travel to even more remote and exotic places. I feel that travel is the fastest way a person can grow and develop, it gives one the global outlook and realization people live in completely different ways.

USA (homeland)
I have been fortunate enough to been born in USA. I have been to most of the more well-known places in USA, and will list some of the more memorable ones here:

Connecticut – I was born and raised in Hartford, CT. Hartford is the capital city, but was a rather smaller city. It is known as an insurance capital of america, as it has many headquarters and offices for large insurance companies there.

New Jersey – After graduating high school, I moved to Hoboken, NJ to start my university studies @ Stevens Institute of Technology. Hoboken may as well be an extension of New York City, as it borders it along the Hudson River. You can take a subway and get to Manhattan (New York City) within 20 minutes. I would say being in Hoboken is more convenient to get to Manhattan then it is from Staten Island and some other buroughs of the metropolis.

New York – I started working in Manhattan of New york city after college. I lived in different districts of that great city, (1) Murray Hill, and (2) Lower East Side (LES). Living and working in NYC is an awesome experience that I would recommend to any adventurous 20’s year old. Like they say, if you can make it in New york, you can make it anywhere, its a pretty intense place that never sleeps. Its a fairly safe city, prices keep going up as it gets safer.

California – After I turned full time entrepreneur, I moved from New york to San Diego, CA. Living in Cali is like they say, you get pretty laid back and learn to slow down and enjoy the good things in life. San Diego is a great place, bordering Mexico, it has a lot of spanish influence. I love the California Burrito as well as Fish tacos! Tried some surfing, but not very coordinated to handle the surfboard!

Louisiana – I had to get down there once in college for Mardi Gras! Luckily I went before Hurricane Katrina had its way. Great mix of people and culture, the French Quarter is a nistolgic place with bars, restaurants, and open-minded souls.

Nevada – I’ve been blessed to have been able to attend Las Vegas a few times already in my life. Each time is a little bit different, for the trade conference to the bachelor party to the road trip for the heck of it. It really is the “adult” playground of the USA. Of course tons of gambling, but even if you’re not into that, lots of shows, bars and clubs, and tons of foods – with amazing buffets!

South Dakota – You may think its strange to see this on my list…but this state is awesome! If you love nature, you will love taking a trip through here. When I drove cross country with my buddy Scott Katin, we spent a lot of time in this state. From funny things like the Corn Palace (a building made completely of corn), to Devil’s Tower (a massive rock pillar with nothing but plains and fields surrounding it), to Yellowstone Park, to Badlands (AWESOME PLACE! jagged sandstone rocks and mini cliffs with rams and all types of wild animals), South Dakota has to be on your list!

Washington State – Seattle is a…ok place….I only spent a long weekend there back in maybe 2005. The Space Needle was ok, and there’s a music museum. but not much subways / public transport. I did like the cafe and internet everywhere, definitely cool to brainstorm product and business ideas.

Washington DC – just some short trips there for conferences, as it was easy to get there for a day trip from New york. Very clean city, and of course tons of government monuments and museums to view. I’m not a big history buff, and definitely not a fan of politics, so not my cup of tea! But still cool to see the white house and other buildings you see so often on TV with your own eyes.

Minnesota – Took a trip there for a fraternity conference in 2000, lucky it was in the summer! Its a twin city with St Paul, with the mall of america. mostly indoor sightseeing, as I hear it gets so cold in the winter! I remember the “tubes”, which were above ground tunnels connecting the major buildings in the city center….can only imagine then how cold it must get! Also saw the first “Target” store, where that began.

Florida – Been to Disney world in Orlando when I was a little tot! After I was 21 and could drink, took spring break trips to Miami w/ the college bros! Now that my family has mostly migrated there, parents, grandmother, uncles – its my destination in USA and I guess what I call home now. (whatever home is anymore!)

Illinois – for my good friend Greg Schwartz’s wedding, as well as a pit stop on the cross country trip, I’ve been in Chicago. Its a city known for its architecture, with some amazing buildings to see. I also went to the top of the Sears Tower, one of the tallest buildings in the world. Maybe I dont know where to go, but I didnt see many exciting stops while there. But I always think how clean and how well designed this city is.



Caribbean Islands
Puerto Rico





Zhejiang Province
ningbo, yiwu, yuyao, yong kang, jin hua, taizhou, yuhuan




Hong Kong




Holland – Amsterdam

United Kingdom – London

Finland – Helsinki

Sweden, Gothemburg

France – Nice / Monaco

Giovanni Port
Trento, Trentino Alto Adige
Cinque Terra

Switzerland, Lugano

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