Pimp GuidePimp out your life today with this wide and wild assortment of gifts, games, and novelties! From sexy games, to a pimpin’ bartender kit, to unique accessories, to gag gifts, PimpGuide.com is the site that’s got you covered like a Jimmy hat!!

Peep the Pimp Guide Hotties from the clubs on our NYC Guestlist. Check the PimpGuide System, a kit designed to “Sharpen Your Game”. Find the perfect gift for your pimpin’ party! From poker products to pimp quotes, Pimp Guide is the ultimate bachelor site on the web!

Using the products and info one can become a more refined playa-pimp—not no damn prostitutin’ pimp, but today’s modern well-kept, “smooth operator”….as we are a strong supporter of responsible, safe, and equally mutual sex.

So how is Pimp Guide connected to Mike’s Blog?
We always get a chuckle here when people hear the word spoken outloud. It was one of the first domains Mike registered and helped get the e-commerce and content marketing business started / inspired.

While in New York City – Pimp Guide was quite a few things

* Ebay store and Online Shop for guy’s gifts and gear
* New York City Guest list service
* Quotes and gags
* EBook and physical book (order by mail)

It is still online! And now even has a Pimp Guide notebook for sale on Amazon!

We are actually looking for a marketer to collaborate on with this – it is a memorable name and could even turn into a label for products.

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