Let’s Meet!

We are honored you have invited Mike Michelini to your office to discuss a business collaboration. This is a standard way we can get the meeting arranged.

Confirm Agenda and Deliverables
What are the goals of the meeting? Is this a:

* Business development meeting – where both parties will be discussing ways to collaborate.
* Consulting and research session – where Mike will be providing market research and insights for your company to evaluate their position in the marketplace.
* Training session – where you and your team will ask Mike to do a presentation on various topics of ecommerce and internet marketing.

Please let us know which of these options you are interested in.

Travel & Accommodation

For all meeting types, your company will cover the travel and accommodation costs.

Flight times: Flights need to be departing after 9am and arriving before 9pm. Flights before that must be pre-approved by Mike’s team for special circumstances and flight choices. This is to ensure Mike is fully refreshed and ready to make the most of your meeting.

Preparation Time
We ask for at least 1 week notice for the meetings. This is so Mike and his team can be fully prepared for the meeting and session.