Blogging Journal

Do you want to improve your writing habit?

Get that book published? Have a more steady stream of blogs posted on your website?

If you don’t track it – it often slips our mind.

That is why we created this writer’s journal! The perfect companion for you when you head out to the coffee shop to write out the next chapter in your book or breakthrough blog post.

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How does this writing notebook work?

You can preview the layout in the “look inside” button at the top – but it is pretty practical and what writer’s have been using for years to crank out amazing content for their books and blogs:

* Date – you can put in the day of the week, month and date, or simply the number date. This is so you can scroll through and see which day of the week you are in your prime writing zone.
* Topic – this is open ended. It can be the name of the book, the name of a chapter, the rough title of the blog. Some even use this for writing long email replies!
* Start Time – when did you start to write? This way you can learn when your optimal time to write is, as well as gamify your writing
* End time – how long did you write for? We recommend targeting at least 1 block of 30 minutes, and by documenting this in the writer’s journal you will ensure you meet your targets
* Word count – how many words did you write in this session / topic? You can make multiple lines if you are writing multiple blocks of text / blogs / chapters if you’d like.

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How does that sound?

Using a writer’s journal is a great way to ensure that each day you are writing, finding out when is the best time to write, and have a bit of fun too! See how many words you can crank out in one sitting and enjoy the results of more creative output.

Who Is This Writer’s Journal For?
* A book author – any established writing professional will agree, documenting your writing performance will help you improve.
* A newly aspiring writer or blogger – the best way to start is – START! And by keeping a notebook of your progress you will feel comfortable you are slowly but surely improving your craft of content creation.
* Great gift for an entrepreneur – anyone doing business nowadays needs to write. From sales letters, to staff notices, to books and blogs – any business owner needs to do better at writing.
* Motivational gift for a loved one (boyfriend, girlfriend who is writer) – want to find a sweet gift to get that special someone? If they are an internet business owner, a writing journal will be a surely useful item on their gear list.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab this practical and useful writing notebook today and start writing more in a systematized way. Creating just a little bit more output each day will yield amazing results, and a journal like this is your ticket to continuous improvement – make it happen!

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