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These are the following topics we are currently looking for people to submit articles for:

* Productivity
* Sleep
* Motivational Quotes
* Travel in China and Asia
* Personal development journey

Want to write a contributor post to our Mike’s blog website? We welcome creative writers looking to share their knowledge with our audience and the world. Quality and relevance is our top criteria when considering to accept your submission for a guest post.

We are looking for a minimum of 750 word, unique post, with at least 2 (3 images) to match with the article you are submitting.

Here are some of our preferred categories:

* Internet marketing – ways to improve your website’s performance on the internet. As a case study is ideal, but also new and relevant tactics to stay ahead.
* Asia travel – We have a lot of people in the Asia region, or looking to come to the Asia region, that find our blog and want to learn more.
* Productivity -How to be a more effective person at your home or office. Pomodoro technique and other tools and tactics to squeeze more effectiveness out of your day.
* Sleep – how to sleep better at night. How to increase your deep sleep. Tools and products to increase the quality of your sleep.
* Motivational quotes – Everyone needs a good “bump” in their day to stay motivated and push a little bit harder.

We want Mike’s blog to contain content on improving quality of life.

If any of these are interesting, please send us an submission to our form on the button below and let’s see if we can work together!

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