Tiana acBoston – Met at AC bar show oct 2007

Justine Shenzhen-accountant – Canada accountant

Vincent Acquista – Jerry’s friend

Adam san diego taxi

Steve Adkins – Florida tax accountant


Ciara Agresti – Stevens Institute of Technology, c/o 2004 Giuseppe’s girlfriend

Annemarie Aguanno – Presti and egele Accountant Accountant for parallel phenomena, Inc and my personal taxes FY2006

Mirasol Aguila – Filipino singer in shenzhen, traveled to vietnam, singapore

Imran Ahmed – University of Michigan

Deutsche Bank, IT Application Development

New Hire program, 2003

born in Dubai, origin Pakistani

Wu Ailian – Real estate agent at hai wang dasha

Aimi – Stevens Tech, c/o 2005

met again at Club Viscaya, Feb 2005

Marissa Ain – NIAF Gift of Discovery Program, group 1, June 2003

went to NIAF gala, Oct 2003

goes to Yale

Ajit – richie’s sister christina’s boyfriend

owns dunkin donuts

Alan – Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Univ. of Southern Mississippi

drove me and Cipion down to Mardi Gras

John Alati – Unico National President, 2002-2003

Wrote me an e-mail about my editorial

met at the St. Joseph’s Sunday luncheon in New Jersey

met again in Washington, DC at NIAF gala

Zoe Albert – NIAF Gift of Discovery 2003 university of Deleware, Has VERIZON! wants to mobatech stuff when its ready

Manny Alfano – Unico Foundation Unico foundation

quoted him in my editorial on Columbus Day Parade

wrote me back

John Algie – DTD Leadership Academy

Aliana – mySpace, from West Hartford, goes to SCSU.

Steven Alianiello – Deutsche Bank new hire program, operations dept, went to Amsterdam w/ me

Antonella Allaria – Deutsche Bank new hire program, IT from Peru

went to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Mass)

Clark Alpert – Lawyer Lawyer friend of joe rosenberg

Aly – met in atlantic city nightclub and bar show in oct 11 2006, bartender

Prem Amarnani – corporate lawyer in NY, went to stevens tech with me

Frank Amato – Deutsche Bank Purchase & Sales sat next to me during my Purchase and Sales rotation

organized the China Chalet party for Jenn Falco

Cory Amendt – DTD Leadership Academy

Zubie Amin – Tutored her for Thermodynamics Mar/2002

Amanda Anderson – friends with Jon Conte’s gf her mom drove us from the Dennys by the casino

Eric Anderson – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003

Mike Andrews


Calvin Ang – works at www.netik.com in downtown manhattan.. been there since ‘98 (2 years as an intern, about 4 full time now) as a software developer.


Ann – met her at an options class downtown Manhattan, Tues, Oct 28, 2003

Anne Thornson – Advanced Lighting

Annette – Works at Bombay in westfarms w/ Bridgette Wiosna, Friend of Anna

Gene Antonio – Unico member, Belville, NJ helped him w/ taxes

Joseph Antonucci – Met at China Chalet Thurs night Apr 26,2007

Has a 50mm china deal, Put me in touch w/ China Direct Investments Marc Siegel

Michael Anzalone – Deutsche Bank Equity Cash Ops Deutsche Bank for many years

knows real estate, met in DB Rotation 1, 2003/2004

Matt Apesos

Tony Appia – Price Rite produce boss

apple fernando – Ice friend in phillipines, Charlotte Victoria Sluitman godmother

Jessica Arden – Stevens Tech Swim Team

Susan Arias

Corey Arnold – Met at Newark Airport going to San diego, 4 hour delay, june 12, 2007

Wife and 2 year old live in Hong Kong, wants to get into import/export

John Aromi – Deutsche Bank, Corp. Actions

Arturo Arroyo

Luis Artola – meeting in Spain June 2003

Diana Asa – Deutsche Bank c/o 2003, Deutsche Bank Controlling, class of 03

met @ Club Loop in London, friends with Stacey

Miqdad Asaria – Deutsche Bank Information Technology Deutsche Bank training program, London, 2003

sat at table 8 with me during stock market week

Chris Asetta – Boy Scouts, went to Naylor Elementary School


Brijesh Aswani – interned at Mercedes, forwarded my resume to them for a full time position

Daniel Atienza – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003

Richard Attanasio – Deutsche Bank Director interviewed w/ him for summer 2002 job

Tony Attie

Andre Augustine – Stock Loan manager, plays soccer, lives in Long Island


fEnny Barproducts

Morgan B. – met in Rome, Italy – 2003, from Columbus, Ohio. Likes Germany the best

Salem Baidas – went to school with me at Stevens

Environmental Engineering

moved back to home in Kuwait

then left to move with girlfriend in Atlanta

on 10/2006 lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Peter Bakarich – Stevens Alumni office

Dhalya Baker – met at Club Float in NYC Friday 1/17/03 w/ Ty and Jules

Ameila Barbagallo

Mark Barbagallo

Steve Barns – Drew’s neighbor/ lawyer friend, a patent/copyright lawyer.

Jacky yongkang

Glenn Barroga – San Diego, runs a Phillipines Housing Development project

Has call center connections.

Denise BarShow

Renee Barshow – Met at New York bar Show June 2007, bartender in saracuse, ny

Bartec – Piotr’s friend from San Diego

Joe Bartender – Long island flair bartender, met him for drinks w/ his flair bartender friend shawn 2006

Brian Bartos – Radio show

Adam Bartosiak

Billy bas-bar-friend

Amit Basu – Lehman Systems Analyst took MGT612- project management w/ him, spring 2002

met him for lunch in summer 2002 during my DB internship in Jersey City

Jim Bates – Bertrand call center / mainland china trading investor

Saydra Battersby

Michael Baumbach – Delta Tau Delta Pledge class w/me

Lacrosse Captain

Shenzhen Bay girl

Anna Bazzi – NIAF Gift of Discovery Program, June 2003

lives in Seattle, Washington

Sunny Shenzhen – Beatles bar

Jacqueline Beato – deutsche bank

kim gianis friend/ analyst program went to her bday party

univ of miami

Brent Beeman – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003

co-op, golf club

Computer Science major

Student government

took hss371 summer 2000 w/ him

Violet Shenzhen Beerpitcher

James Behnke – ITT Industries Software Engineer Stevens Institute of Tech, c/o 2002

Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity

Resident Assistant

Melinda Beijing shenzhen

Monica Beilharz – Tropical Shipping Inside Sales Representative We work with a company, Kestrel Liner, that would be able to assist you with exports from Asia their phone number is and my contact there is Neil Marshall.

She helped me out in June 2007 in getting contacts in Florida.

Zack Belcher – RA 2002-2003


Class of 2005

Mike Bellamy

Ranole Beng – Stevens Tech, c/o 2005

Delta Tau Delta

Benga – Jan 2005- gave me luck on Pimpguide.com

Ryan Berman – Fish Tank Marketing – San Diego Chief Creative Director Marco from DB’s friend –

Met for sushi thurs 5/31/07


Brian Bernstein – took mgt680 w/ him

he was the one who was laid off and loving it

Brandon Bertrand – Mainland China Trading call center brothers

Mike Bertrand – Mainland China Trading Corp

Andrew Bettencourt – friend from Connecticut

Donna Beyer – Stevens Institute of Technology

Office of Career Development

left Stevens in Aug 13, 2004

went to Georgian Court Univ

Lakewood, NJ

wrote me a happy thanksgiving e-mail. misses stevens.

Sunny Bhardwaj – Deutsche Bank c/o 2003

Niraj Bhatt – interned at Deutsche Bank, summer 2002

Nirav Bhatt – Deustche Bank, Corporate Actions

Amy Bill bar

Amit Biswas – Graduate student, took classes mgt600 & mgt690 with him.

Mike Bixler

Andy Blahnik

Diana Blair – Inland Empire Marketing California

StoresOnline merchant, Mar 03. Quit day job in Dec 03

very helpful, spoke with me for 1.5 hours on Wednesday, Nov 3, 2004


Andrew Blazic

Matt Bleuer – San Diego, co worker w/ Piotr

Shorted Country Wide.

Brett Bliss – Velvet Guestlists

LIMO COMPANY: the limo company’s number the manager is named Eddie

and the company is JUST 4 You!

Elisa Blundo

Franchesco Blundo

Rupa Boddu – E Biz, class of 2005

Eddie Bonilla

Stacy Borczynski – HSBC New York Small Biz acct rep.

Laird Borelli Persson – lived across the hall from me in 239 E. 24th St apartment


Bruce Boylan – Delta Tau Delta

Alumni Association Scholarship committee chairman

owns real estate in Hoboken

Billy Bpong – chicago

Alan Brackett – Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

previous Soutern Division President

elected into National E-Board

Danny Branco – Andy Bettencourt’s cousin

Chris Braverman – DTD Leadership Academy

Renee Brewster

Sean Brock

Victoria Bronstein – Annie Kim’s coworker Deutsche Bank c/o 2004

Girolamo Bruscianelli – guestlist add- Giuseppe’s list

getting married August 2006

bachelor party in south beach

Giuseppe Bruscianelli

Valerio Bruscianelli

Michael Bucci – Dapps Tavern part owner, friends w/ Joe

Alan Budhu – Schering Plough Computer Validation hung out with him in Queens 12/5/03 at Ahilia’s 50th b-day party

engaged to Trish

Cindy Budhu

Ernest Buechel – Stevens Institute of Technology

Allan Buelvas – cigar shop on ebay

Billy Buist

Mark Bullerwell – New york Bar store business partner from UK, hope to meet in NYC aug 2007 to talk business.

Shenzhen Matt Burke

Jennifer Burkle – moved to Deleware from Iowa

friends w/ Tish

works at MBNA

Michael Buskey – DM Sourcing

Jennifer Butchko – PR Newswire Sales Agent Sales call follow up on tues july 10, 2007

John Byrne – worked at Stevens Institute of Technology

with Dr. Lynn, Zvi Aronson

project: personality tests correlations

Patrick C – velvetlist promotions door man

hooks me up

Fermi Cad

Fermi CAD-guy-shenzhen – CAD for electraBASE, Bas contact from Tiger

Met Jan09

Mister Cai-landlord

Nicole Cairns – met in France

Canadian born

went with me to Cique Terre, Rome

Camilla – Wethersfield, CT

Oliver Camilo – Ningbo guy that emailed me saying ppl say we look alike- haha

Mark Campbell – Deutsche Bank Cross Business Operations Deutsche Bank new hire program, 2003

sat at my table 8, during stock market week

Mary Camprone – From Albany – talk to on Yahoo messenger.

Jen Canton

Ivy Canton-fair

Barbara Carames – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003, Eng Mgmt

Alvaro Cardona – Stevens Tech

Staten Island


Carla – Ernie’s model girlfriend from Peru

had the Russian used car salesman ex

Chris Carlson

Carlyn – public relations . met at joshua tree w. george. at thier extra hot wings sept 2007 friend is andrea.

Dan Carrier

Alexander Carrillo – Met at San Diego SCORE and Web revolution sessions, august 2007.

Coast Guard academy c/o 2004, born/raised in La Jolla

Wants to start a international retro car dealership.

Matt Carson – DTD Leadership Academy

Peter Caruso – National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) Southern Italy Trip Coordinator was a chaperone for the Gift of Discovery program, May 2003

met again in the NIAF Gala, oct 2003

put him in my speech

Edith Castagno

William Castagno

Miriam Castellanos – Metwest works in Stock Loan, did marks with her 2003 – Mar 2004

Yobelkis Castillo – met in the Domenican Republic while stopped with the cruise in Feb 2004

born and raised in La Romana, Domenican Republic

18 years old in Feb 2004

Miroslaw Celejewski – New Britain, CT

Ahfan Chan

Eric Chan – Helped w/ 98products in China

Gerry Chan – Deutsche Bank trade support grad c/o 2005

left the bank in oct 2006

Raymond Chan – Did my HK company notarization.

Wilkinson & Grist Solicitors & Notaries

Prince’s Building, 6th Floor,

Chater Road, Hong Kong

Emily Hui

Secretary to Raymond Chan

Richard Chan – My hong kong company setup accountant.

David Chang – Jet Speed Air Cargo David velvetlist’s friend

Echo Chan pogostick – Lives in Yong Kang, met at Canton fair

Sells those pogo sticks

Billy Chasen – Greg’s friend from Michigan, lives in NYC too

helped w/ Mobatech server programming


Elva Chen

Helen Chen – Interned for shadstone summer 2008

Hsiang-Yi Chen – in MGT680 with her.

she helped me get textbooks cheap from Asia.

John Chen – Honeywell offered to have me live with him and Calvin in Journal Square

Law Chen beijing – Chinese name Friends with Cyril and Henry

Lives in Beijing, has 6 year old daughter (a/o Nov 2007)

Michael Chen-shenzhen – Silen’s friend.

Raymond Chen – My china neighbor, borrowed chairs from me for his chinese new years party.

Eric Cheng – Piotr’s friend, hung out with him in Miami

From China.

ManYan Cheng – Stevens Tech

goes out with Chris, my old resident

Hyun Cheong – Deutsche Bank Stock Loan, c/o 2002

has a dog, t-mobile phone

Cheri – cousins w/ Tish in Iowa

Cheryl – Eric Haugk’s gf

interested in dancing for Show Nightclub

Echo Zhang – Blog reader, found me on skype lives in futian

Michael Chevett – Delta Tau Delta, supportive of my starting my own online business

Claudio Chiasera – My uncle in Italy

Federica Chiasera

Irma Chiasera – Great Aunt My Great Aunt

Sally Chinaofficemgr

Steve Choi – Senior Design partner

Paul Chong – Sourcejuice.com – met starbucks dec08 for passagemaker

Merrily Chopp – Fresh Graphic Designs Met at San Diego Web Revolution for Business

Works for Gustavo.

Karan Chopra – Deutsche Bank c/o 2003

Karen Chow – HSBC SME big shot! Worked there 10 years

Had lunch w/ her Saturday May 17, 2008

Chris – Amazon.com


Colin Christian – Stevens Institute of Technology, c/o 2004

julian’s resident sophomore year, Davis hall

Christina – met at ulysses sept 2006

kat is her friend

from texas, goes to baylor 5th year

Christine – met on Subway, Fri evening, Feb 18, 2005 in chinatown

hometown Harrisburg, Mississippi

went to Duke undergrad

PhD in English @ Columbia

2 brothers, one in Middletown, Ct in college

Darius Chromanski – worked with him at Price Rite Grocery

went into Navy

Burt Chu – Electrapour factory

Yung-Mo Chung – Ray Electronics Lives in Hong Kong, friend from Stevens Tech. Cyril’s cell

Ahilia Chunnulal – Deutsche Bank

Stock loan operations

daughter is Neena, friends w/ Cindy’s brother (Alan)’s fiance

Neena Chunnulal – Ahilia’s daughter

Andy Shenzhen-Church – Specialized Technology Resources (Shanghai) LTD Sh Manager, Client Relations

Derek Chylinski – Aetna came down to NYC Danny Branco, New Years 2003-2004

lost cell phone at club Avalon

Rosemarie Cicalese – Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority

has twin sister Erin

Justynka Cichowska – Natalia’s roommate in Los Angeles. Polish consulate, left because of ice cream back to poland 6/7/2007

Paul Cifka – Anzen Markets

Mydria Clark

Domenica Clavelli – Secretary at Deutsche Bank

nicknamed as my work mom

gave me rides to the PATH station after work

Richard Clement – UK SEO optimizer

Met through New york bar store expansion into UK market / TDS group / John.

Vanessa Clermont – Deutsche Bank, c/o 2004

works in Cash Mgmt Ops

Melissa Cloutier – Southern Connecticut State Univ.

Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority

Middle name = Ann

Michelle Cloutier – moved to Tuscon, Arizona

Eric Cobb – Met at Magda’s birthday house party, aug 25, 2007

Lives in san diego

Father goes to Shanghai China a lot.

Cobby Shenzhen

Joseph Coccia, Jr. – Unico Educational Chairman

met with him at my induction of Unico

met w/ him at Arlington Diner on Sat. 5/3/2003 w Giuseppe and his brother. regards to setting up an Italian Club at Stevens Tech

Barbara Colonna – Stevens Institute of Technology Director of Special Functions

John Coltor

Ana Concepcion-Valentin – Stevens Tech, Special Functions Department

Lisa Conklin


Jonathan Conte – NIAF Gift of Discovery 2003

Bronx, New York

Cameron Cook

Elaine Cooler – Met in hk fair apr08

Joan Corbin

Tabitha Cormier – Met on Bourbon Street, Mardi Gras, March 2003

hostess at a restuarant

trying to get into a state college

Alberto Cortes – Price Rite Grocery

Ray Costa – Head of Distressed Debt Trading

Deutsche Bank

Dennis Costantino – worked with him at AT&T, he was a contractor

George Couto – Stevens Institute of Technology

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

c/o 2006

I helped to rush this kid

Amy Couture – MIA classmate, c/o ‘99

Michael Covello – Delta Tau Delta, pledged Spring 2002

Soccer team

Alissa Criniti

Pasquale Crispo – Deutsche Bank first Line manager in full time Deutsche Bank

domestic stock loan department

married in september 2003

Ellen Crivella – NIAF gift of discovery program, may 2003

attended the NIAF gala, oct 2003

likes biology and bugs

Paul Crowley, Jr. – Stevens Tech grad student, c/o 2003

worked in Student Services

took class w/ him

Vera Shenzhen – Cruise inn

Chad Crumbaker – DTD Leadership Academy

Diana Cruz

Rodrigo Cruz – Interstate Industrial Corp. Portugese

Delta Tau Delta

Stevens Tech c/o 2000

Daniel Crystal – Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Tulane University, New Orleans, Lousiana


let me crash on his couch for Mardi Gras 2003

girlfriend, Kim,

Michael Cugini – Deutsche Bank lived downstairs from me in London training

went to Rutgers

Nikki Cupcakes

Jennine Cusimano – SVA NYC myspace

jennifer kachler is her roommate

Cecile Cyr – worked w/ her at Barridon Aircraft

Mark D – graphic artist

met at smith event nyc

works at macys

David DaCosta – Hartford, CT

went out with Cristina Felicissimo

cousins with Dan Branco

David D’Agastino

Sophie Shenzhen Dai – Ivans gf

Dhaval Dalal

Paul Daly – works with Jason Perez

Aditya Damodaran

Kelly Danks – Priority Worldwide Services Brokerage Manager Corona blasters import brokerage we used.

Jody Danneman – Atlanta Image Arts Owner Southern Division President

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Darius – University of New Haven

friends with Rob

partied w/ Rob and I in NYC a couple times

Dave – Alan’s friend – organized the bachelor party in queens

John Davidovich – Johnson Controls, Inc Installation Sales Engineer Delta Tau Fraternity

E355 Teaching Assistant

Michelle Davidson – New york Bar store virtual assistant. Friends with Janet.

Coco Davinci – Customer service for davinci virtual assistants

Jennifer Davis

Jeremy Davis – met in Cinque Terre, Italy – Europe 2003

from Tennessee

Diana Deconti

Maria Deconti

Jessica Della Calce – went to Austrailia

James Deluane – deutsche bank distressed debt

claims side

from texas, lives in murray hill

Raymond Delvalle – Deutsche Bank P&S

Joseph DeMarco – DB prog c/o 2002, trade support

Craig Demmel – DTD Leadership Academy

Kent Deng

Jenni Dennis

Tony DeNonno – De Nonno Productions, Incorporated Producer-Writer-Director and President film producer

member of Unico Italian American organization and Fieri International (http://www.fieri.org/)

met him at a Unico film taping @ Seton Hall University on Wed. May 7, 2003 with Manny Alfano

Marco van der Laan – Spyble project – Bas friend

Katherine DeRosa – Deutsche Bank, c/o 2002 Trade support

Nancy Desai

Deven – Stevens Institute of Technology, grad student, c/o 2003

works at AT&T see him at the gym a lot

Michelle Devlin – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003, co-op

Di Phi Epsilon

Robert Di Meo – Bill Munley’s hometown friend

Graphic designer.

Cristina di Pasquale

Diane – Cristina Felissimo’s Friend

Fabio Diaz – Natalie Diaz’s dad deutsche bank

Joe Diaz

Natatlie Diaz – Deutsche Bank, credit derivatives sales support

Matt Dietrich – DTD Leadership Academy

Dimitri Shiftdrink

Drew Diskin – Inertia, LLC President Stevens Institute of Technology

13th Floor, Public Relations

his company is for marketing and web development

Dan DiSorbo – Pb&J Design, Inc. Get bombed beer pong game designer!

Erik Divino

Scott Docherty – Graphic artist met on Ekaweeka


Nice job – this is much better! Feedback on the quote form.

Benjamin Dolgin-Gardner – Friends w/ Peter Zapf (Global Sources)

XTATIX Progressive Digital Electronics

China Office

Greg Domalewski – Stevens Tech, c/o 2005

bill munley’s friend and roommate in the apts

Dan Domingues – Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Steve Dondero – Delta Tau Delta Rho Chapter Alumni

Works in 3 Time Square

Bank of Montreal

discussed my career path w/ him and Widdicombe, April 2001

Alex Dones

Megan Donnachie – MarketSource, L.L.C Nokia Channel Development Team/Boston Originally from Deleware (old job @marketsource.net)

roommates w/ Katie from Investors Bank

Caryn Donohue – Met at joshua tree for hot wings w/ George,

Friend’s name is Andrea


Doug – met in Nice, France hostel

from Chicago

Glen Douglas – Resident Assistant 2002-2003

co-op c/o 2003

Civil Engineering


Bas Driver

Duane myspace graphic guys

Jonathan Dubinski – Delta Tau Delta class of 2004, law school

Elizabeth Duffy – Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Talent Acquisition Consultant

James Duffy – he interviewed me for operations full time

he is managing director of Equity operations North America

Siddharth Dugar

Chidi Duru – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003

Chidi O. Duru

Verizon Communications (Raritan Office)

OSP Engineer – Public Requirements

FTTP Project Manager – MH, SV

Michael Dwyer – Deutsche Bank analyst program 2002 class

worked in stock loan before I did

met at a speaker series where i discussed my job

Steve E*TRADE – Muni Trader for UBS

9 years in the business.

helped w/ margin requirements in UTSI on 9/23

Shamoon Ebrahimi – New Britain high school, c/o 99

UCONN c/o 2003

cousins w/ Nasabin

Jonathan Echeverria – Deutsche Bank c/o 2003

Doug Eckhart – Delta Tau Delta President 95/96

came back after Wall Street to finish Ugrad

worked w/ him in EM460 (TQM)

Eduardo – met in Lugano, Switzerland hostel, with Pin-Nee

from Brazil

Wesley Egert – DTD Leadership Academy

Mohammad Eli – Stevens Institute of Technology, friends w/ Jules, Ty, and Ariel

Francis Electra-hk

Fransis Electra-hk

Lois le

Technetron Electronics – Electrapour patent holder

Vivian Shenzhen-electronicsSales – Applied for sales job at shadstone

Ilya Eliashevsky – Met in San Diego 2004 Handango Event.


Craig Elliot

Lara Ellis – Stevens Institute of Technology

worked as Career Councelor

left the Institute Nov 2002 and gave me her personal e-mail address.

Matthew Ellison – Friends of Ryan Berman

Met for Fish Tacos on Sunday 7/1/07

From Buffalo, NY

Wants to get into entrepreneurship

Emily – met at MACUHO- RA conference @ Penn State, OCT 2002

mooned her car on the highway, got her number through the window.

goes to Merrywood College in Scranton, PA

Shahin Enayati – Met at Xiamen SEO event april 2009

Andrew Englander

Larry Engleman – Deutsche Bank c/o 2003

Stevens Institute of Technology, co-op c/o 2003

Computer Science

Deutsche Bank New Hire program, 2003

TMD dept – Tech Mgmt Division

Nina Eppolito – met on Carninval Jubilee cruise, Feb 2004

has a sister, Amy, 2 years younger (1985)

Amy wished me well with PimpGuide.com, Jan 2005, and still wants to come to NYC

Erin – met her at Ramon’s house

Lorraine Esposito – read it in Asbury Park Press

Friday, Oct. 25, 2002

left me a voice mail at 7:45am ( I was at an interview w/ Deutsche Bank at the time)

she enjoyed my article a lot. If there is anything she could do for me, she would try her best to do so.

she is also an Italian American, married to a Polish husband. He son goes to high school, Christian Brothers Academy, in Middletown, NJ. She hates the Sopranos show, and states that Italians will continue to allow the media to do their bidding.

she is sending me a copy of the article she read, as well as writing a letter to my professor (Dr. Laccetti) and to the editor of the paper.

I called her back and we talked for about 20 minutes. Very intelligent and polite woman.

Hongkong Esther – Met at Global Sources trade show in Hong Kong

Was going to Bankok

J Johnson ETRADE – compliance issue 5.4.06 w/ ERTS stock, had to reverse transaction

Eugina – mySpace friend, model, works for fashion agency





Assistant in LA is Kelly.

Angelica Evangelista – NIAF gift of discovery, lent me italian-english dictionary

lives in Pennsylvania

David Evans

Morgan Evans – girl from myspace

lives in NYC, fashion marketing

met on sunday 1/22/06 for brunch

Klaus Faber

Michelle Fabian – Met in Hong Kong trade show – friends w/ Larry

Pedro Fajardo – Deutsche Bank c/o 2003

Jennifer Falco – Deutsche Bank analyst class

lives in Brooklyn

has a startup- Iride Designs, that makes jewelery

Becky Falto – Resident Director, Stevens Institute of Technology

moved to 24th and Lexington in New York for another RA position at another school. full name is Becky!

Joe Farco – Davis 3 North Resident in my junior year (2001-2002)

joined Unico w/ me in May 2003

Spoke to on sept 2007 – now a patent lawyer

Mary Farley – Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority

Co-op class of 2003

Ellis Farmer

Michael Federico, Sr. – Liberty Moving and Storage President met at Unico, Manhattan meeting, Monday, Nov 24

offered to help me next time i move

John Feeney – Manager of Securites Lending operations at Deutsche Bank

Dave Feit Velvetlist – Owner of velvetlist – meet with when in NYC

David Feit

347 W 36th St.,

New York, NY 10018

Brandon Felice

Cristina Felicissimo

Sandra Felicissimo

Felicity Beijing – Goes to international college in Beijing

From southwest China

Met on great wall trip, nov 2007

Chinese language teacher.

Victor Feng – Stevens Institute of Technology, c/o 2006

my resident during my senior year

Xueyan Feng – Citibank Stevens Institute of Technology, c/o 2004

Biz Tech

lives on upper east side w/ Juliet

Kevin Ferguson – Phi Sigma Kappa brother

Resident Assistant in Hayden

co-op c/o 2003

Lisette Fernando – Stevens tech, c/o 2003

Email doesn’t work –

Shawn Ferot – Deutsche Bank analyst, airlines, distressed debt

Jessica Ferraro

Joshua Ferrell – Stevens Institute of Technology

c/o 2006, freshman on my floor my last year of college

Wendy Figner

Fiona Abercro – Met at Terrace Shenzhen- works at Abercrombie

Linda Fischer – Mobatech contact

met her in San Diego, CA

outsourcing company for BREW

Andrew Fishman – Stevens Tech – Delta Tau Delta

Lives in Ventura, CA w/ wife Jess

Fallynn Flaherty

Alicia Fleri – Quickbooks accounting specialist

G Flight – met on redeye from san diego to ewr aug 2007

Nicole Forbes

Theresa Fowler – mcdonaghs pub, keyport , nj

met on new york bar store myspace – bartender

Alicia Fox

Robert Foxworth – Mainland China Trading investor

Talked to in sept 2007 about taking my spot.

Jackie Franzil – AIM: Liznarf

NIAF Gift of Discovery Trip, group 1, June 2003

father is a race car driver, goes to Daytona 500

went to NIAF Gala in Oct 2003 office

Debra Fratto – Hiring Manager Said that she will hire me if I ever need it.

Kevin Frei – Kevin Frei

Eric Frias – Shawmut Design & Construction Met in San Diego July 2007 at a bar, had a project for a hotel in San Diego, based in Boston. Was out w/ Dave Chiner.

Katherine Fry – Investors Bank did marks with her on the phone, Oct 2003- Jan 2004

lives in the Italian part of Boston

Tyler Furr

Marco Furter – Friends with Shelly, went to wine and cheese event with

From switzerland.

paula Futian-trade

Anthony G – Andrew’s friend, used cars salesmen

broke his leg in NYC

Paul Gacek – MIA high school, 4 years behind me

Sapna Gadhia Llano – Muserlian, Lucas, and Mercanit LLP Intellectual Property Joe Llano’s girlfriend

went to Rutgers Newark Law, tried to help Tayan get into the school

Mike Gagliardi – Photographer, goes to Hunter College

me at Velvet List, Feb 2005

Laron Galea – Deutsche Bank Graduate Program, London 2003

Global Banking Operations Department

Long Island, NY

lived downstairs from me in Luke house, London

Jia Gan – Deutsche Bank c/o 2003

Brenda Gantt – Deutsche Bank Commercial Paper Desk

helped with new york bar store writing

moved to albany new york to open a baby store

Xing Gao – working for Deloitte Consulting in Philadelphia, Penn

Rosa Garcia

Benjamin Garfunkel – Met at san diego world trade 2 day web to biz event, aug 2007

25 years old, starting his own sourcing company.


Constance Garneau

Gary Garneau

Raymond Garneau – Candlewood Suites Fort Pierce, FL

Nina Garner

Scott Garner – Friend/partner of Jay (furniture)

VP Operations

Enginuity International Corporation


Gong Ming, Baoan County

Shenzhen City,

PR China 518132

19 Sheung Yuet Road

Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Brian Garvin – PSS China.

Donald Geib – Lives in Beijing now.

Paulette Geissinger – Port St Lucie, Florida

Husband is tom

Had me and my family over their house for Thanksgiving 2007

Have been to china before.

Cari Gelber – Proof Bar & Lounge Event Planner Disco Sushi – Proof Bar & Lounge/Village Pourhouse

New York, NY 10001

Joe Gencarelli – Real Estate contact person.

has a brownstone in Hoboken

met at a Unico meeting, May 2003, Belville, NJ

past Unico Chapter President

Genevi’eve – met at Club Extreme on Cresent Street, Montreal

Dec 2002

Rio Gengbo – MSN

Gennady Options Trader

Kimbery Gianis – Deutsche Bank, distressed debt, new hire – sourcing analyst

Robert Giarratano – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003

Beta Theta Pi

Staten island

Jane Gilbarty – Stevens Tech, Special Functions Department

Gina – met her in Miami, spring break 2003


35 years old

Gina – met her at Ramon’s house, same day as Erin

Philip Giordano – Research Analyst

Alexis Gleason – NJSEA / Meadowlands Sports Complex Project Engineer AIM: uhhlecksis

Stevens Tech, co-op c/o 2003

Frank Glynn – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003

friends w/ Rich Hattenbach

road trip to Lake George!!! summer 2001


Jerusa Gonçalves – Teacher in Brazil Met on Skype summer 2007

Jerusa – I hope too… I’ll do a caipirinha

Anthony Gonci – Red’s friend, the used car salesman


Kristen Goodrich

Gosha – Polish, lives in San Diego, married to bartec

Mark Gould

David Greenberg – Insurance agent

Met at smith event

Had drinks with when I quit my job – heartland brewery

Friends w/ JD

Clark Gregor – DTD Leadership Academy

Gabriela Gregorius – Manager of brazilian restaurant in intercontental shenzhen

Met in oct 2008

Joshua Griffiths – Jiu Jitsu

knows a former Storage & Containers DB research analyst, Dan Khoshaba, who he does Kiu Jitsu with

Andrew Grilli

Met at HASH, Shenzhen Feb 2008

Lives near me in Nanshan

Been here 9 years, from San Fran, Cali area

Worked in bar/restaurant biz.


Bai shi zhou shi ji cun 5 dong 103

li jia bai huo fu jin

Dan Grunvald – Met at Living Room coffee shop La Jolla, CA aug 2007 (when w/ Elias)

Christina Guariglia – Stevens c/o 2002

DphiE sorority

Arthur Guarino – Prof Economics professor @ stevens

Adam Guarraci – interned w/ him at ATT business summer2001

Rob Guastucci – Pandora Networks Sales Rep

Gustavo Guerrero – San Diego Import Export councelor.

SBDITC company.

Maria Guerrero – met at Girolamo’s wedding, aug 19 2006

from equador

Mauricio Guevara

Shahin Guity – Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

owns properties in Hoboken

James Gula – moved to Florida from Bronx, NY Apr 2004

worked in Buy Ins department at Deutsche Bank

about 50 years old in 2004

Sabira Gupta – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003

worked w/ me in the lib

Margarita Gurevich – met her w/ Prem during Sleeping bag weekend

born in Moscow, Russia

class of 2006

Nicole Guttman – Greg Schwartz’s wife, Nikki

Speaks German / knows a lot about eastern europe

Julie Gwozdz – working at AT&T Solutions in Atlanta, GA

Stevens c/o 2002

Daffy gym – Sells gym membership

Joanna Guangzhou-barshow

Mohammad Habib – Bas’s friend

Has PCB factory in Bao An

Louis Haddad – Palm Beach World Trade President Spoke to him Tues 6/19 about import export learning opportunities in Palm Beach. Told me about the Palm Beach Community courses (3 classes) as well as his organizations bi-monthly course (next one sept due to summer) at Lincoln college.

Hadden Ou – Apex Maritime Co. Starlink Freight System Sales Rep

Yuko Hagiwara – Dave Tsang’s friend , japanese, ate a lot at the pot roast party in NYC

Ali Hamdan

Dean Handrinos – Delta Tau Delta Pledge Class brother

Katherine Haniyan – texas girl from baylor

met with her friend christina in sept 2006

orig from san francisco

Kari Harju – Kari Anttoni Harju

Helsinki Finland Eu

wants salesleads platform

Neil Harrington – Salesforce.com

Brenton Harris – Also Brent

Vincent Acquista’s friend

Lives in Shanghai

Mason Harris – Andrew Grilli marketing guy in USA

Presents at nightclub and bar shows for restaurant promotions.

David Harrison – Deutsche Bank, new hire program 2003

from London

Operations dept

Richard Hattenbach

Jeremy Hatton – Univ. of So. Mississippi c/o 2005

friend’s w/ Dan Pocase

stayed at my place New Years 2004/2005

Eric Haugk – Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

c/o 2006

lived on Davis 3 north

my fraternity little brother

Andre Hayman – Stevens Institute of Technology

c/o 2005

resident of mine during my junior year

Laurel Hecker – Deutsche Bank, stock loan department

moving to her home back in Saint Croix

I have received my long awaited Package out of DB and today is my last day here. 12/29/06

Marcel H-electrapour

May helen-friend – Job interview

Helen mary kay’s friend

Lauren Henjum – from Dallas, Texas

Oklahoma University, born in 1982

Tri Delt Sorority (Delta Delta Delta)

met in Cinque Terre, Italy, hiking

Kristina Henkler – Colgate-Palmolive Company Team Advisor- Operations Stevens Insittute of Technology

Resident Assistant Coordinator

Ken Henriques III – Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

c/o 2006

Dominik Hepp – Stevens Tech classmate

From germany

Monica Hermanowski

Hester – friends w/ Andrew Moran

Scott Heydt – DTD Leadership Academy

Brian Hill – Lime Bomber, Inc. Owner Referred to be Eric Segal

Mel Hinkley

Hira – goes to NYU

met at Eugene’s bar late July04

Robo, Eric, Pete, Bo were there that weekend.

Cindy Leung Hk-allnightlong – Met in jan09 at all night long bar in hong kong

PK HK-allnightlong – Met in Hong Kong – all night long bar jan09, friends of Cindy

David Ho

Ivan Ho

William Ho – Graphic designer, family w/ ivan and david.

Chris Hoboken – stevens resident. lilys boyfriend.

James Hodgens – Deutsche Bank Stock Loan lives in Brooklyn, took me under his wing

Dana Holcman – Greg’s friend

graduate student in New York

Erin Holley – Mobatech’s contact

Michael Hom – Deutsche Bank c/o 2003

Nana Shenzhen – Home bar

Sana Hong – U Mich w/ Greg

our graphic designer for the brochures, april 2004

Catherine HongKong Sweden – Met jan09 selling electrapour in hong kong

Steve Hooker

Brian Horak – DTD Leadership Academy

Piotr Hordejuk – Robo’s friend from New Britain, CT

Marc Hourican – F&G Mechanical Corporation Project Engineer Stevens Institute of Technology, c/o 2000

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Mechanical Engineering

born in Ireland

Thomas Hoyer – Shenzhen Financial Planner.

Jenn Hsiao – Senior Design partner

Omicron Pi Sorority

Favorite color:

Mister lawyer Hu – China lawyer

Caroline L Huang – Federated Department Stores (Macy’s) assistant buyer met on Thursday night, April 22, 2004

out with co-workers Greg, Anto, Shloke, and Chris

she was job hunting in New York

26 years old

Helen Huang – met her in MGT612 class, spring 2002.

Friends w/ Vicki and Ashley in grad classes as well.

Caroline HUBERT – Maltem consulting recruitment manager

HuChinWa Murph – Joe Murphy’s gf’s daughter, lives in shenzhen

Sarah Huels – German graduate exchange student, Berlin, Germany

took mgt551 with her, fall 2002


Ethan Hull

– Donald’s assistant in China, Beijing

Huseina – met at Viscaya, Feb 2005

goes to NYU

Mi Hwang – Vandrebilt Appraisal & Consulting Korean

works as a real estate appraiser

Ice – Hr for laurent’s company

Maritess Ice – Bas’s gf phillipines

Giuseppe Incitti

Erica Inconcept USA – Eric Segal’s customer

Gigi inflatabletable – Inflatable table

David Inniss – contract with a company that made a little 32lb crane

I minored at Penn State in Classical Lit. and have an MBA from San Diego State.

Contract work for Shadstone, met on craigslist

Guilhem Bertrand


Kristi Iris

Anna Jach – Kitche and Bath Experts Interior Designer David (yahoo’s) wife – works for interior design

Met at pzyevek’s birthday party 5/11/2007 – spoke about my importing for her some furniture, told her metal instead of wood.

Jade – friends with Elle in Viginia Beach

Tricia Jagroop – Alan budhu’s girlfriend

lives in Queens

Graphic designer

Jane – match.com

Jane – Met at club air NYC on G’s birthday – 3/24/07

Goes to montclair state, 21, ballet

Aamna Janjua – Stevens Institute of Technology

Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority

Senior Design partner

Lubna Janjua – left JP Morgan in May 2005

Mohammad Janjua – AT&T Local Network Services Manager worked for him Summer 2001

Qasim Janjua

Jasmine – met on Sat, Feb 19 w/ Jackie’s DC crew at EV bar.

lives in hells kitchen, secretary

Jason – Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Tulane University, Treasurer

Kalyani Jasti

Ethan Jayson

Jeanette – Salem’s girlfriend

from Atlanta, Georgia

Jeanie – Class of 2005, hung out on Davis 3 north freshman year, 2001-2002.

Jenn – from Hamden, CT

met at Murphy Scarletti’s on Thanksgiving weekend w/ Chris Carlson and Andy Bettencourt

graduated college in 04, in grad school to be a Physical Assistant

Jennifer Led

Rory Jennings – Stevens tech, delta tau delta

Jenny Leung – Dave ho’s gf

Bryan Jessee – DTD Leadership Academy

Jessica Yao

shenzhen-be JIANG fei DU

JoAnne – Felicia Laterras friend

Kevin Jocelyn-bf

John Leslie California Tax Accountant – Met with him when in San Diego, May 2007

John P. Cito – Cito Capital Management, LLC Referred to me by Neil Bass, accountant.

Brooke Johnson

Joseph Joraskie

Jordan – velvet list worker/ intern

school of visual arts student

Ashok Joshi – Brickwork India


Julie – Sylvia and Beth’s friend

wethersfield, CT

Tom Jurczyk

Emilio Justo

Daniel Kaan – Director of food and beverage at intercontinental shenzhen.

Met with bas oct 2008

Kevin Kadakia – Deutsche Bank IT department

analyst class, beat everyone in poker one thursday night

Adam Kalbermatten – Delta Tau Delta Fraternity c/o 2005

Amy shenzhen kali – Met at Sichuan radio station dinner april 2009

Where I lost my laptop

From Sichuan, university in Beijing.

Robert Kalkstein – First car- Blue Grand Am

Brazilian Jiu Jitzu

Marcella Kallmann – Gonzaga University, Washington State – cheerleader

near Seattle

met on the plane ride home Rome – Newark, June 2003

half Mexican, half German

Cecilia Kan – Cyril’s sister also went to Stevens Tech.

Cyril Kan – Hong Kong Ray Electronics


Rob Kaplan – Jon Conte’s friend, met at Superbowl 2005

Jeff Kaplow – worked at Aramark @ Stevens Tech

got a new job at Englewood Radisson Hotel

went to high school with Lubna Janjua

Oleg Kaplun – Patent lawyer, Joe Farco worked for him.

Spoke to him about loadpipe

Vikal Kapoor – Deutsche Bank, friends with Giralomo / giuseppe

went to bachelor party for MO

Houssam Karam

Tim Karl

Pauline Karmelowitz

Karol – from the bronx, friended me on myspace.com

Matt Kaspar


Saira Kathpalia – home is in Istanbul, Turkey

born in India

New School University, Parsons School of Design, New York City

double major: Graphic Design, Illistration

met at Club Cream, Thurs 3/27/03

Kathy – New britain high

Peter Katin

Scott Katin

Alan Kaufman – Print Broker, 61 years old>/p>

Hasan Kazmi – NYPD, roommate in NYC from July 03 to July 04

Kevin Keller – DTD Leadership Academy

Kelley – met in dark room

lives in south jersey

Kelly – Sig Nu

Ethan Hulls party

Dave Kelly

Jason Kelly – Bas’s friend, sinomogs.com

Tara Kelly

Ariel Kemelman

Ken Petro Enerprises

Christina Kenny – Deutsche Bank

works w/ Matt Roesler

met on thurs 4/6 at omar K’s leaving the bank party

Kyle Kerley – DTD Leadership Academy

Julian Kertsman

Michael Kessel

Kevin – Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Univ. of So. Mississippi

Omar Khawaja – Deusche Bank, c/o 2004

my buddy

Anthony Khiami

Evelina Khukhashvili – Deutsche Bank c/o 2003

Kenneth Kiernan – MCI took MGT701 w/ him

Annie Kim – Sprint phone

Deutsche Bank c/o 2003 analyst w/ me

equity ops

Benjamin Kim – Deutsche Bank, analyst class one year ahead of me

left the company after graduating program

moved with his girlfriend in Los Angeles, California

Nancy Kim – met at Mardi Gras

Tulane University

lives in Avon, Connecticut

friends w/ Andrea, who goes to school in Univ. of Virginia, also from Connecticut

allergic to beer

Joshua Kogan – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003

went to the gym, environ engineering.

Wojtek Kolbik – Delta Tau Delta

Janet huizhou-koo – Trend harvest manager

Iwona Korza

Rob Kosterman – Bas’s business connection in holland. Interested in trading.


Yvette Kostka – Lives in Boston, MA w/ her sister, as of Feb 2002 till Aug 2002.

Mark Kozhin – Jerry Revich’s wife’s brother

partied w/ him in vegas for bachelor party

Joe Kramer

Donald Kress – Delta Tau Fraternity

gives speeches at Career Connections

visits conferences. spoke w/ him

James Kreusch

Kristen – mySpace friend

went to Club Strata for her b-day, Feb 12, 2005

goes to FIT

Kristin – port st lucie friend

met on myspace


Kristy Shenzhen – Bas friend

Nikolaus Kuehn – worked with him for Dr. Lynn and the Innovation Center Directory

Prarthna Kumar – Added to guestlist

Deutsche Bank c/o 2004

friends w/ Shahmil

Prarthna Kumar – Deutsche Bank Associate

Charles Kuperus

Henry Kwok

Silvio Laccetti – Silvio Laccetti

Dennis Lafferty

Alfred Lai – Print shop in shenzhen, friends with Boozer.

Teresa Laky

Keshav Lall – Deutsche Bank magnachip analyst had me cover my qqq short

Tom Lam – Pointermedia.com

Andrea Lapollo


Christina LaScalea – met at ulysses in New York City Sept 2006

from texas, baylor 4th year

Maria Las Vegas

Felicia Laterra – Deutsche bank high yield admin assistant (4/06)

lives in brooklyn

Alice Lau

Annesa Lau – Stevens Institute of Technology

Lizzy Lau – Friends of Bas


Emily Lauder

Lauren Andrews

was Lynch (ex-married name)


Amelia Lay – Deutsche Bank grad program one year ahead of me

also worked in P&S dept

left DB in Aug04 for Treasury Ops @ a Hedge Fund

Al Laypan

Leah – Met in Vegas July 2007, works at a corona booth. Knew her stuff about corona business.

Dave Shenzhen-Learn

Lee Munizza – Omega Group, The GIS Technical Services Analyst Aka – STACY – stacy’s mom

Lee Anna Munizza

Donald Lee

Donghee Lee – Met in Hong Kong airport Oct 2007 on my first arrival. He was in Maine, USA for summer camp, home is Korea

Jack Lee-cad-designer – Innovate International Electrapour design guy friends w/ Bert and Andrew Grilli

Janet Lee – New york bar store virtual assistant, july 2007

Jason Leehan – DTD Leadership Academy

Feng Lee-intercontinental – Waitress at intercontinental brazilian bbq, with Bas Oct 2008

From hunan

Leonel Lehna

Chris Lemay

Kimberly LeMay

Donald Leming – met in Europe 2003 (France and Italy)

from Cinncinati, Ohio

Navy ROTC, Ohio State University

Jeanette Lesma – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003

DiPhiE sorority, RA

Sophie Shenzhen-Leung – Search Frontier address is Dyamic world, Zhenzhong road.

Knows a friend of wine –

Kenny, her friend, owns wine cellar

James, LED

Andy Levesque

Karen Leyva – Lived in Germany 6 years

Shenzhen LiNa – Sunrise bar

Celina Shenzhen-Li – Interviewed in august 2008. worked in footwear company

Joyce Li

Boozer gf

Ping Li-accountant – Shadstone accountant

Mac Liang – Deutsche Bank, markets trade support

Monique Lichniak

Ling Lin

Lindsay – Elle’s friend

Michael Linn – Deutsche Bank controlling dept for distressed debt

left the bank in oct 2006

Agnes Lipinski – East Farmington Volunteer Firefighter

Lisa – Stevens Institute of Technology

Delta Phi Epsilon

commuter, c/o 2006

met at blood drive and Delt Luau

Lissa – Channel Advisor

Eric Littlefield – Deutsche Bank, Static Data, 26th floor

moved houses while I knew him

Alla Liu

James Llano

Joseph Llano – XO Communications

Annette Lloyd – legal contracts corp structures murray smith contacts

Henry Loh – Stevens Institute of Tech, co-op c/o 2003

Laccetti’s class

chin up contest w/Prem

friends w/ Annesa

Jenny Loi – Met in China w/ her biz partner Sara, Feb 2008

Cristina Lombardi – Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority

Quincy Loo – met in Nice, France

got a 5 bed hotel

lives in Santa Cruz, CA

Jose Lopez – Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

co-op class of 2003

Lorin – met her at club Avalon in Boston, Friday 2/14/2003

saw her again the next day at 2am, where she invited me to a Northeastern Univ. party

birthyear is 1980

Dancer, likes to dance

will work at The Hartford Insurance company

5th year co-op c/o 2003

Lou – Sigma Nu Fraternity

c/o 2002

Blue Room

Rain yuyao – Lou fava factory

Eileen Loughlin – Deutsche Bank Chief of Staff worked for her during summer 2002

James Low – Deutsche Bank IT-AD Deutsche Bank new hire program 2003

sat at my table 8 during stock market week

hesitant about trading edge other team members suggested

Allen Shenzehn-Lu – LED Shenzhen


Aaron Lukse – Deutsche Bank, new hire program 2003

Long Island, NY

Erik Lund – Deutsche Bank, stock loan

started a year after I did

Olen luoho

Ellen Luong – met in Virginia Beach July 4th weekend 2004

has a friend Lindsay, asst manager at Things Remembered

Lauren Lynch

Gary Lynn – Prof, PhD. worked for him as a research assistant.

professor of E-Commerse graduate program

Christy Lyons – deutsche bank london trade support

helped with my failing trades in london

sent her a pink book for her b-day in august

on myspace

Alexis M

Clark Ma

Holly Mac – san diego, met at chargers playoff game with piotr and robo

her friends Liz and Kris partied at long boards

jan 2007

Lauren Maddalena – Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority

Jason Magnuson – Magnuson Industries, Inc.

Thomas Maier – V-Bar Shenzhen Bar manager of V-Bar – crowne plaza

Melody Mak – Deutsche Bank new hire program 2003

New York Operations

Real name is wing

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