Przemek Malatynski – Piotr’s roommate San Diego, May 2007

Abdul Malik Oghi – From Nigeria

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

c/o 2005

Soccer team

Manfred – Deutsche Bank lives in Jackson Heights, Queens

invited me over for Christmas party

Charlene Manuel – met at Bar None NYC on Thurs. 1/30/03

New York University

Mori Mao – Summer web intern2008

Going to grad school in GZ


Val March

Vincent Marfella

Maria – Baruch College

met on New Years 2003-2004


Maria Damiano – Dresdner Bank – bloomberg buddy!

Mario Tax Accountant

Marisa – met in mid jan 2007at off the wagon in village

italian, park slope brooklyn

Dennis Marques

Christopher Martin

Sandra Martinez – Stevens Tech


Varun Marwah – Vinnies friend buys a lot of drinks

Mary – met at Eugene Club, Dec04

secretary, Hell’s Kitchen

Helen Shenzhen-Marykay – Met in Nanshan near my office

Works at Mary Kay – has been to USA a couple times.

Veroneque Matadin – friends with Cindy Budhu, met at Eugene’s on Sat Oct 16, 2004

Matin – Graduate student friend at Stevens Tech

worked with him at the library

Varoujan Mazmanian

Melissa McAvoy – Phi sig sorority, stevens tech

Worked with me at

Mike McCabe

Paul Mccarthy

Kevin McCormick –

stevens tech

was a resident on my floor in davis dorm

Marissa McErlean – Deutsche Bank, c/o 2004

Stock Loan w/ Jimmy

Drew McFarland – Karnea 2000 & 2002


Brian McKeon

Brian McKeon

Omar McKinney – Delta Tau Delta, co-op c/o 2004

pledge class

Porter McKinnon – Beer pong table president.

Mike McLean

Holly McNamara – Watkins Landmark Construction Senior Project Engineer

Alexander McNevin – Deutsche Bank c/o 2003

My roommate in london

Rebeccca Mead – worked at Deutsche Bank, eSPEAR support

grad class of ‘01

left in mid Sept for Citibank IT liason role

Yu me Shenzhen

Jaime Mehnert – Stevens Basketball

Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority

Biz Tech

Melanie – Fashion Institute of Technology, FIT

met at Club Strata, Jan 29, 2005

from New Mexico

cheerleader, dad’s a dr., likes to travel

Melinda New Or

Melissa – met at CroBar in Jan 05

was a promoter/lister for MTV, supposed to come to my first party @ Deep

Melissa Meluzzo

Shahmil Merchant – Deutsche Bank c/o 2003

left DB in sept. 2006

Michael Merola – Purchasing and Sales Manager

Will Messmer – Smith Events

Maxim Magazine

Dan Metz – Engineering Management Major

class of 2003/ co-op

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Justin Meyer – Office of Residence Life: Resident Director

Lisa Miano

James Michelini

Jocelyn Michelini

Marilyn Michelini

Phil Mickel

Phil Mickel – Alum of Ball State Univ. (MBA)

Miguel – Priority Worldwide Services

John Mihalasky – Engineering Management Professor

Mike bentley

Ken Miller – Accountant – Quickbooks Met at San Diego SCORE class, he was instructor on advanced quickbooks.

Mini Shenzhen – Shenzhen, china

Mario Mirabelli – Patton Boggs, LLP Lawyer met at NIAF Gala, Oct 2003

on the NIAF Board of Directors, also in charge of Calabria scholarship (a trust formed by a man who came from Calabria with nothing and

made himself something, need to be from Calabria region)

approached me at the breakfast on Saturday, liked my speech Friday.

is a lawyer working close to SEC, helps IPOs

he has 2 sons, living in New York, one is a managing director for Wachovia Securities, the other works for a hedge fund

talked to me about bio-diesel fuel in Germany

Shloke Mittal – Deutsche Bank new hire program, IT

went to Amsterdam w/ me

Aalok Mody – Deutsche Bank intern w/ me 2003

bumped into him at my gym. Is now a currency analyst

Emanuel Mohabir – bartender on the Carnival Jubilee cruise, Feb 2004

west Indian, from Giana

Bobby Mohamed – Air Tech Solutions cindy budhu’s boyfriend

Omar Mojena – SIT c/o 2005

Stephen Monforto

Ann Mooney – my professor in mgt680 (org behavior) and 551 (strategic management)

Scott Mooney – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003

from Cali

Misti Moore – from texas la met at modest mouse concert san diego may 2007

Tony Mootoosammy

Brittany Moquin – MIA, Tekla’s little sister.

Tekla Moquin

Andrew Moran – Hartford address

389 Main st, apt B7, Hartford, CT 06106

Stacy Morena – Deutsche Bank c/o 2003

Ryan Morick – Deutsche Bank new hire program, Sept 2003

went to Amsterdam w/ me, had been to Amsterdam before

Operations department

Sharon Morley – married woman, traveling with couples.

met in Pisa, Italy 2003

she helped me find information about my family search

Mark Baker Morphy – met in 2003, Europe (France and Italy together w/ others)

from Modesto, California and Utah

lives in Huntington Beach, OC, CA

graduated BYU

Rob Morris

Chris Morrow – Stevens Tech, e-biz, c/o 2004

Delta Tau Delta

asked me for job at DB, Jan 2005, likes NYC

Jim Mortenson

Guido Morvillo

Sylvia Moryl

Michael Moscaritolo – Giuseppe B’s cousin

Stern MBA

distribution manager at Coach

lives on Gold Street

Khajak Mouradian

Mr Xu Monitor

William Munley

Caludia Munoz – graduate student, took mgt612 with her

she was a Resident Assistant in her undergrad

Richard Munoz – corp bond trade support


Wants to import coffee from columbia

Joseph Murphy – East hartford paving Asphalt can

Aka Joe

Sean Murphy – owner

met at 05 and 06 bar shows in new york

Hamy Vietnam-my-ha – From Vietnam

Met on airplane from Paris to Amsterdam feb 2009

Ipt NIngbo – Met at clib baidu

Tarek Nabas – Piotr’s friend from San Diego, Lee’s boyfriend

Laszlo Nadler – Stevens Institute of Technology

Biz Tech, c/o 2004

from Germany

called on 9-29-04 for speaker on I-money

Timir Naik – Deutsche Bank c/o 2003

Arnab Nandi

Katia Nane

Yoyo Shenzhen

John Nardone

Angelina Narvaez – Eugina’s friend, FIT, Broadway dancer

eBay seller, designs her own clothes

Nathan – Andrew and Dave’s friend

works at UBS in midtown NYC

David Nathanson – Deutsche Bank Distressed Debt IT guy, helped w/ OTIS implementation.

Linkdin too!



Eric Nelson – DTD Leadership Academy

Gennady Neyman – Deutsche Bank Equity Derivatives

Judy Ng – Accenture, Stevens Tech, Delta Phi Epsilon

Patrick Ng – Pacific Access Paul Tittmann Pacific Access marketing manager

Minh Nguyen – Stevens Institute of Technology, c/o 2003

Computer Engineering

Inway Ni – Timev Media Co., Ltd. Met in Shenzhen SEO event March 2009 (kent w/ me)

Runs the Xiamen SEO event.

Nick – Deutsche Bank, c/o 2003

Credit Risk Management group, London

from Glasglow, Scotland

worked in comm. service group in Jackson’s Lane

Eddie Niemerowko

Faris Nijim – NIAF gift of discovery program chaperone

Ken Nilsen – Dean of Student Life @ Stevens Institute of Technology

Claire ningbo

YeMiXia ningbo – Chinese name =

English name is amy

Works at wilsons bar in hotel

University student.

Met w/ dave may 2008

Cathy Ningborealtor

Claire NingboWorker – CLAIRE LU (LU YINGYING)

C-10C Zhong Yang Hua Yuan

Haishu, Ningbo 315010

Gina Niro

Nischal – Stevens Institute of Tech

co-op year ahead of me, took technogenisis class together

David Noah – Ship Solutions President Met in San Diego, Aug 2007, Web Revolution for Biz.

Adriana Noga – Noga = legs in Polish

likes mermaids, color green, seafood

Jess says she has nice toes…lol

Brian Nolte – Praxair Services, Inc. Stevens Tech think c/o 1999


Friends with Bas

Melany Norwood – Stevens Insitute of Technology

works for Dean Nilsen in the Office of Student Life

Mark Novembrino – Newyorkbarstore designer

Nelofar Nowroozi – Deutsche Bank IT

Greg’s boss

26 years old in 2004

Amy Noyes

Val Noyyy

Dana Nucera – Bill Munleys friend,

Jay’s Summer BBQ 2001


Dr. John Nunziato – Unico Manhattan president

Katie Nyc-La – met in club deep with julia royter…. called her out of nowhere dec 2007 when w salem. she is now in

la rehearsing.

Istvan Nyilas – Ish

China Office

Ivan Office-x868


Khadijat Olanrewaju – Deutsche Bank summer intern, margin dept

from virginia, my buddy summer 04

Robert Olechowski

Natalie Ongtiong – ASEM treasurer. 2002/2003

Christine Oregon

Jennifer Orrala – Deutsche Bank vice president, mid town

from equador

Sue Orsini – buys me halloween candy every year

Emily Osborne – Stevens Institute of Technology

c/o 2003

Civil Engineering, tour Guide

Sara Osley – friend’s w/ Adriana and Michelle.

went to MIA, transferred after I graduated. 2 years younger then me.

AIM: vineyard69

Josh Ottinger – Stevens Institute of Technology

Soccer, Delta Tau Delta

c/o 2004

Sofiane Oubraham

Si-da Owner

Caterina Pagano – met on the beach in Cinque Terre w/ Baker, June 2003

born in 1983

Lenny Palazzo

Lisa Palumbo – Phi Sigma Sigma sorority

Pamela – Fordham Univ.

met at Club Viscaya, Thurs. Feb 3, 2005

wants to be a bartender

born in Brooklyn, Italian

Jack (LapKong) Pang

Frank Paolercio, Sr. – Greater Jersey Mortgage Company Vice President Unico member, met at NIAF Gala by John Alata

contact him about starting Manhattan chapter

Michael Parente – same birthday as me!!

Kristina Paschenko – Phi Sigma Sigman Sorority

Cristina di Pasquale – met at NIAF gala, Oct 25, 2003

junior year at Georgetown

half Italian, half Columbian

likes coffee, choc ice cream,

Sean Passan

Jignesh Patel – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003

friends w/ Tyler

Kalpesh Patel – dates Natalie

had mgt680 and mgt623 class with him

Mudra Patel – Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority

Stevens c/o 1990

interviewed with her for summer 2001 internship

she also knows Tayan

Nikhil Patel

Sangam Patel – friends with Rich Persaud

Shilpa Patel – Deutsche Bank IM: shilpa42681

Tayan Patel – lives near Atlantic City

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

c/o 2003

Carl Pavarini – Dr. TG501 Professor

Venture Capitalist

Lots of real time experience

Dana Pecorella – deutsche bank sales assistant

Anna Pedersen – Kim Lemay’s friend.

Went out w/ Chris.

Ricardo Pellafone, Jr. – DTD Leadership Academy

Vivian Shenzhen-peng – Interview 8.11.08

Nornale Peralta – Deutsche Bank midtown, 25th floor

left on 6/21/06 to citibank

project mgmt / implementation

Andrew Peranick – deutsche bank high yield trading assistant

hoping to help w/ finances of parallel phenomena,inc on 6/11/06

Jason Perez – Morgan Stanley delta tau delta big brother

worked at morgan stanley

Larry Perez – Office of Residence Life, Assistant Director, Stevens Tech

from San Diego, California

helped w/ my finidng a condo

Larry Perez

Director of Residence Life

Manhattan College

Manhattan College Parkway

Thomas Hall 514

Riverdale, NY 10471

Raymond Perfetti – Stevens Institute of Technolgy, one of my residents

Lorraine Perrin – Unico Manhattan

friends with John and Jill Nunz

Richard Persaud – Cindy’s cousin

works at Merryl Lynch.

met on Sat. 11-8-03, drove to the park lounge

Bas Personal-Driver – Bas’s personal driver in nanshan

Carl Persson – Laird’s husband

Michael Peterman – Stevens Tech, c/o 2004

Lived on Davis 2 North freshman year

friends w/ Bill Munley

Lives on school apts

Tammo Peters – Bas’s SEO guy in Amsterdam

Son name is SEM

Lisa Peterson – Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority

c/o 2002

Resident Assistant

Brian Petix – Deutsche Bank, c/o 2003

IT w/ Jon

Nikolai Petrov – Mobatech Contact, met in San Diego, June 2004

has a battery e-comm company as well

Lisa Pettinati – NIAF Gift of Discovery 2003

went to Misha’s reunion

went to NIAF gala, Oct 2003, helped me w/ my speech

Diala Pharaon – Stevens Institute of Technology Development Officer- Biz Tech met on Oct 13, 2004 at Alumni biz tech

meeting in Somerset, NJ

likes to talk to me about venture partnerships


HSBC Phone banking – Costs 180hkd to send from TELEGRAPHIC transfer need to print, fill out, and send.

Michael Pinto


Lawrence Piper – Excalibur Brothers

storesnline merchant forum

Christina Pisani

Jessica Pisano

Marianna Pisano – helped set up tickets for NIAF gift of discovery program

Ravi Pitchika – Stevens Institute of Technology, c/o 2002

Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity

my Senior Design Teaching Assistant

Ling Plasticcups

Daniel Pocase – DTD leadership Academy

met him for Mardi Gras

Marika Poghosyan – Kari’s assistant at DBR holding

Natalia Poland – Lawyer in Santa Monica Piotr / Przemek friend from Poland

Maritza Polanko – Polanko Creative Services Inc. Owner met at SBA meeting, Thurs 12-4-03

English is her second language

Stephanie Polizzo – Operations Engineer Phi sig sorority,

Craig Polk

Karen Polyniak – Stevens Institute of Technology

Office of Career Development

Venus Shenzhen – Met in SZ wine and spirits fair in Nov2008

Jerry Portopong

Michael Postaski – Went to Stevens Tech with me

lived on Davis 5th floor with me freshman year

went to austrailia for study abroad

Andrea Potemski – Mobatech contact

met in San Diego, June 2004

Cathy Shanghai-PowderMachine – Shanghai powder packing machine.

Robert Powley – Powley Gibson Trademark specialist – met on sept 2007

Referred from the canadian firm.

Mahendra Prag – Stevens Insitute of Technology

Co-op c/o 2003

Mech Eng major

Resident Assistant

crazy time at Penn State at MACUHO RA conference

Preksha – UCONN, c/o 2003

Computer Engineering

Jocelyn’s Sorority

Mark Preston – Mark Preston

Independent Contractor

PAD Designs Ltd.,

Shenzhen graphic designer- referred by Bas.

Sal Presutti

Priya – met in miami at her 21st b-day party in red room at surf club hotel

aug 2006

goes to school in washington DC

Nick Prybella – Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

President 2001

c/o 2002

Civil Engineering

Kunakorn Puntarigvivat – his cousin Craig lives with him.

met at Stevens Tech w/ Maz

now studies in St. Louis, Missouri graduates May 10, 2003

from town in Thailand

Kapil Puri – Deutsche Bank c/o 2003

Susan Queen-ningbo – Lives in Ningbo

Nickname = Queen

Met on forum

Met in summer 2008

Chinese name Hong Ping

Marvin Quesada – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003

Baseball catcher, lived on Davis 4 North w/ Jules and Ty

Gilbert Quintanilla – Delta Tau Delta President

Mark Quinto

Rachel – University of New Haven

friend of Rob

went to my 21st b-day party

Michelle Radley – Met in hoboken june 2008

Works for concrete design company

Tania Raffelsberger – Univ. of Deleware

Neil Raman – Finsoft Consultants, Inc. Owner met at SBA meeting, Thurs. 12-4-03

told me to stick w/ company a few years

Anita Ramnarain – Deutsche Bank PCAM- asset management friends w/ Cindy

born in the bronx, moved to Florida

Justin Ramos – Distressed Debt Trading assistant

Mary Rampone

Chris Ramsey – DTD Leadership Academy

replied to pimpguide debute party w/ no in evite, Jan 2005

University of Georgia now for law school, (Jan 05)

Nakul Rao – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003


Suvrodeep Ray – Deutsche Bank Resident Manager- Global Cash Operations Deutsche Bank London Training program, 2003

Masters degree

from Bangalore, India

Dartanion Reed

David Reese

Eric Reese

Andy Shenzhen-Reich – Ben’s roommate in Futian

Has QC company

Wants to SEO it.

Bill Reinl – DM Sourcing Friends with Dave Inniss

Angela Relucio – Rainbow Room Jon Conte’s long time girlfriend, lives down the street from him in the Bronx

Silen Shenzhen-Ren

Michelle Renda – NIAF Gift of Discovery 2003, Italy

Jen Revich – Jerry’s wife

Jerry Revich – NYU

Jules’s boy

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

start January 2003

Luis Reyes – lives in Miami now, for school

Ramon Reyes – moved from connecticut to westin, florida

mary immaculate academy

CFP Richard T. Salter


Mark Ricketts – MAMM LLC President Deutsche Bank

worked in International Stock loan

left to start real estate full time Sept 2006

Harold Riggs – Deutsche Bank, asked to be added to pimpguide guestlist

Jose Rivera

MaryAnne Rizk – Merck Worldwide Human Health Marketing, Systems Development bumped into her at Biz Tech alumni dinner

in Somerset, NJ Wed Oct 13, 2004

? Rizzo – Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Univ. of Southern Mississippi

RizzoGras, March 2003

Robert – Piotr’s friend from San Diego, wants to start biz, from Canada.

Roberto – Giuseppe’s cousin

met at miami south beach bachelor party for Girolamo, aug 2006

Andy Rodriguez – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003

Marisa Rodriguez – met in Bar None, thurs 3/27/03

New York university, c/o 2006

lives in West Hartford, CT.

loves Connecticut

birthday is in late August

Matthew Roesler – Deutsche Bank lives near me on 22nd and 3rd

met in London

has a lot of contacts in Finance world- said ABN Amro SEc Lending desk as well

Richard Rolandi – Deutsche Bank, Global Settlements Tech Group

my BAPM (Biz Area Prog Mgr)

Manny Rollo – AOL SN: MannyR2121

Helen Shenzhen-Romas

Ron Zatelli Cali insurance agent

Rafal Roomate – From San Diego, Polish, friends w/ Piotr

Lives in China right now, Quanzhou – near Xiamen

Rafal Roomate

Chris Rose – Deutsche Bank IT Deutsche Bank training program

went with me to Amsterdam

lives on upper east Side

Rosemary Beijing – Met at Ninetowns meeting #2 – she was translator. Very nice, gave me advise about loadpipe and

wanted to stay in touch.

10020 is the zip code

Joe Rosenburg – accountant


Ross – Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, pledging when I met him

Tulane University

Erin Rowe – Stevens Tech

O Pi

Resident Assistant

Julia Royter – met on NYC streets w/ Ernie in July 04

goes to Pace Univ

biz card says: dancer, actress, model, singer

summer intern at JP Morgan

19 at the time i met her

Angela Ruchin – Deutsche Bank Operations Deutsche Bank new hire program 2003, London

sat with me in table 2, during stock market week

i am welcomed to visit AUSTRAILIA

left DB in Aug 2006

Joseph Rumore – UPENN



c/o 2003

met him at NorthEast Div Conf, boston, Feb 2003

had 2 summer internships w/ JP Morgan

friends w/ Matt Cannon

James Runkle – friends with Giuseppe, think he works at Stevens Alum dept

went to my pimpguide debut party, jan 15 2005

Daniel Russia – HASH guy from Russia

Sean Rutledge

Ryan – met in Nice, France hostel, June 2003

him and friends traveling together from Chicago: Doug, Brian (KPMG consulting), April, Cara

Kevin Ryan – Telecommunications Management Professor

Stevens Institute of Technology

taught my TM601

Rebecca Ryan-Gonzalez – Met in France, Europe 2003 trip, June

half mexican, half irish

University of North Florida

an architecutre firm

i’m the marketing coordinator

Hot s-ningbo-baiidu

Moiz Saifuddin

Shawn SalesforceAdwords – Google Adwords for Salesforce

Sally – lives upstairs from me @ 239 E 24th St

had the leak in her apartment

Missy Salonia

Michael Salvadore – Salvadore Machinery Corporation met at NIAF Gala, during Friday luncheon

sat at my table, liked my speech, said i should be a politician

took pictures, said he’ll send them to my apartment

gives appraisals for all types of companies

very sensitive about the Korean memorial

Lorraine Sampang – Deutsche Bank

favorite color – sky blue

speaks the language tagalog

Loren San Diego – also got an offer from Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Eng Mgmt and Comp Eng Degrees

Co-op c/o 2003

Friends w/ Annesa

Ed Sanchez – Paul tittmanns’ friend

Owner of ProQC

30 years in China

Nelson Sanchez – Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

c/o 2003

Civil Engineering

Melanie SanDiego – Neighbor w/ Piotr in San Diego

Ex of Ray

From woodstock, NY

Mike Sandiego – piotr neighbor has wireless

Sandro – Jess Del’s friend

lives in Brooklyn

Sangita – met at the Park in NYC

from Swiss, half Swiss, half Indian

in NYC for the summer only, lives in Swiss

with a b-day party when I met her

Eliagne Sanjurjo – Met in Miami, march 2007

Marco Santana – Deutsche Bank, Int’l stock Loan

Richard Santoro – NIAF Director of Scholarships and Grants

choose me to do a speech for the Gala, Oct 2003

got me a free ticket and hotel

Sarah – met her on the border of US/Canada on my trip to Montreal, Oct01

working in miami- may2005

Linda Sartori – my high school English teacher

wrote a letter of recommendation for NIAF Gift of Discovery, 2003.

Steve Savitz – Stevens Institute of Technology

Professor of Technology Management

Danso Sawamukai


Lincy Scaria – Avaya Inc Systems Engineer/MTS

Val Schaeffer – Tish’s good friend, in her wedding party

in Army reserves

has 2002 Chrysler Sebring

works as night manager for Wal-Mart

runs cross country

Tanja Scheuplein – Deutsche Bank Training program

met in Jackson’s Lane Community Service project

from Germany

Kirby Schliff – alumni of Georgia Tech

met at Karnea 2002- LA

Greg Schwartz – Deutsche Bank, c/o 2003

IT department, NYC

Scott Schwartz – Greg’s brother, lives in LA

Eric Schweser – DTD Leadership Academy

AIM: socdelt9

Sean Girls Phone

Alvin Sebastian – Ice’s brother in Phillipines, helps with web stuff

Jeff Seedman – Greg’s cousin, Public relations (PR)

Eric Segal – Citrus / corona blaster contact

wife/gf name is Melanie

Seliana – Miami / NY

Gillian SeoMoz – Met at Xiamen SEO event April 2009

Adam Serwinski

Louise + Peter Setaro – Kindergarden teacher

Kripa Sethumadhavan – Stevens Institute of Technology, co-op c/o 2003

same birthday as me!

Jane ShEnzhen-teacher – Teacher in luoho

Adit Shah – Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

graduated before I came to Stevens

worked at Goldman Sachs a couple years

Amit Shah – took MGT612 with him

friends w/ Sid Dugar

helped Amit by sending him class materials.

Anoopa Shah – Deustche Bank London, c/o 2003

Binita Shah

Poonam Shah

Saumil Shah

Angela Shanghai – Bartender at club mt 55 in shanghai.

Jane Shanghai – Used to work at mosaic glass in shanghai with mike song

Nicole Shanghai

From Sujo, China

Studying English in Shanghai for her work.

Robert Shapiro –

Brian Sharkey – deustche bank high yield trading assistant

Paul Sharpe – Ogilvy Renault LLP Patent Agent Eric Segal’s recommended patent attorney.

Drew Sheeran – NIAf Gift of Discovery 2003

Elias Sheinberg – SCORE Councelor Met July 3rd, 2007 at San Diego SCORE Office

Import/ Export expert. Talked about Mexico assembly – Maquila. And his 39 leather factories/ shoes in Mexico City.

Catherine shenzhen – Had chinese new years dinner at her house, then ktv – feb 2008

Friends with Shelly

Adam Shenzhen

Daniel Shenzhenbus

Meg Sheridan

Sherri – Tish’s cousin from Iowa

Chip Shield – DTD Leadership Academy

Sara Shikhman – Met on Linkedin through Gennady. Importing silks from china for sheets.

HK cell 852 6207 3120

Michael Shonrock, Ph.D.

Andrea Shores – Met at joshua tree while eating wings with George, Sept 2007

Friends with Caryn

Left her job, , on oct 17, 2007

Mita Shrestha – Deutsche Bank, c/o 2003 training in London

Operations division in London

Galina Shvarshteyn

Josie Si-beijing – Met in Beijing w/ Murray, Hui, and Ning

Lived in New Zealand

Anthony Shenzhen-Si-da – Lives in si da dasha building in shenzhen

Samora Sidibe

Yuki Shenzhen-silen

Karen Silveira – had MGT701 class w/ her Fall 2002

met up with her and others at Black Bear end of Spring 2003 semester

Mike Silveira – Deutsche Bank, P&S department

Keith Silverman

Christene Simmons

Simon – Deutsche Bank, commercial paper

met in rotation 2, went to Baruch College, c/o 2005

starting at Morgan Stanley June 2005

Donald Simonds

Jonathan Simonini – DTD Leadership Academy

Robert Simpson – Deutsche Bank Operations Deutsche Bank new hire program, 2003

sat at my table 8 during stock market week

from Dublin, Ireland, UK

Hemraj Singh

Greg Sirochinsky – Deutsche Bank c/o 2003

Onion Sixthousand – Manager of 6000 restaurants in shenzhen, china

Andre Sluitman – Bas’s father

Bas Sluitman

Christina Smith – from Cincinnati, OH

met at Law School career fair (Equal Justice Works) in Washington, DC

during NIAF gala weekend, Oct 2003

graduated law school that past year, still looking for a job

Greg Smith

Murray Smith – Mainland China Trading

Cindy Smokeless-Cigarettes – Shenzhen smokeless cigarettes

Monica SHenzhen – Cindy’s coworker, met at Canton Fair

Katie Sofrin – Scott’s gf

Azadeh Soleymani – works at Deutsche Bank

Jessica Soltysik – Stevens Tech, co-op c/o 2003

Phi sig sorority

Shenzhen Son Ya – shenzhen

Chunqi Song-shanghai-ningbo – JR mosaic manager of Jane

Lives in Shanghai, born in Ningbo

Uncle owns fireplace factory in Ningbo

Shawn Soole – From Brisbane, Australia

Currently in Canada

New york bar store writer.

Shenzhen Sophie Newport

??? Sophie – Met on Great Wall – Temple of Heaven

Lives in shenzhen.

Nicolette Soto

Sammy Soto

Marcos Souza – SCORE Business Councelor SAN DIEGO carlsbad SCORE councelor


Alexandra Spar – Kim Gianis friend, met at her b-day party in oct 2006

works at dresdner bank, w maria (giuseppe’s girl)

Britney shenzhen-spears

Jennifer Spero – She is Freshman my junior year. Met her on Davis 3rd floor. Parents own a cigar shop, she gets

me cigar boxes. Hangs out on Davis 3 south more then my davis 3 north

James Staffan – Stevens Tech, co-op c/o 2001

Delta Tau Delta

Gilbert Standley – D.B. Englehart & Associates Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

National Treasurer

met in Boston, MA during Northeast Divisional Conference, Feb 2003

Dan Stanko – Stevens tech, delta tau delta

Eric Stanley

Johan Stausland – Merrill Lynch, friends/roommates with Jerry

Mark Steel – Deustche Bank London, c/o 2003

Albert Steneck – from Illinois

related to Federica, mother’s side

cousin’s w/ Federica’s grandmother, Gina

Steve Steneck – related to Federica

lives in Dundee, Illinois

Steph – Michelle’s friend

New Britain Connecticut

Sean Stevenson – Delt pledge class of spring 2001

Soccer goalie

JoAnne StevensTech – Works at Stevens Center Desk

Katie Stoddard – Stevens Institute of Technology

RA, c/o 2003

lives in Florida

John Strand – Andrew Grilli’s friend in China

Sister in law is a lawyer

Julie Strong – Kids: Joseph, Jacob, Isiah, Caleb

Tom Strub – DTD Leadership Academy

Chinese Su

Rick Suess – Specialty Packaging and Distribution chrome plated custom fabricated part

Shenzhen Summer – Met at hash

Yuki beijing sun – Met in Beijing, China – friends w/ Josie

From south china, has family/ cousins there.

Chinese name = Sun Dong Li

Prem Sundar – interviewed @ Goldman, Sachs & Co. first and second round together, Oct 31 & Nov 16, 2002

Computer Science, c/o 2003 from Rutgers


Million ningbo – Surf leash

Vivian Ningbo – Met at canton fair – surf leash

Yakov Suslensky, CTP. – Accountant, friends with Frank Amato

Sakiko Suzuki – Deutsche Bank Equity Settlements Ops, then GPT-Client Service Group Deutsche Bank new hire program,


sat at Ops training table with me

from Toyko

Catherine Sweden

Alison Sylvester – knew her in junior year of high school.

Jackie Sylvestro

Vicki Sylvestro

Chris Szumilas

David Tabano – NIAF Gift of Discovery 2003

roommate during trip

went to Misha’s reunion

Avnish Tahim

Hansen Tan – Worked for cardpro, interviewed for spyble w/ Bas

Helping w/ 98products project

Anthony Tanella – NIAF Gift of Discovery 2003

roommate during trip

Pin Nee Tang – met in Lugano, Switzerland, Europe

lives in London

works for consulting

born in Malasia

i called via. SKYPE on 7/16/2006

Has been working for Morgan Stanley for 1.5 years (a/o June 2007)

Tommy Tang – programmer

Justynka Targowska – Half polish, half Czech Republic


Loves to travel – like to go to Italy

id love to go to kenia! its my bigest dream

William Tarn

Jason Tavares

Taya – jules friend lives on columbus circle doctor at st lukes hospital. will lt me stay at her place

Scott Taylor – DTD Leadership Academy

Teanna – met at Mardi Gras

goes to Tulane University

went out w/ a Delt

Emma Tejada – Phi Sigma Sigma

Oscar Teran – DTD Leadership Academy

Christine Thibeault – mary immaculate acdemy

nursing school

Deepak Thomas – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003

Solomon Thomas

Kevin Thornson

Kevin Thornton – Kevin’s Bartending Services Owner Customer on New York Bar Store – lives in San Diego.

Meeting him for strategic meeting thurs 6/28/07

Ken and Dale Tichy – Project Engineer P.E. license

Runs LAD golf outting

Tiffany – met on thurs 8/31/2006 at ulysses w/ DB people

Jon Tilli – AIM SN: buddy 335

c/o 2005

Christian Timmerman – Tish’s 2nd son.

Cruz Timmerman – Tish’s son, oldest

Laetisha Timmerman – ICQ

Tina Shenzhen – Shelly friend. Wants web design

Ting Zheng

Jason Tirri – Tishman Field Office Project Manager Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Stevens Institute of Technology, c/o 2000

Beef Tits

Paul Tittmann – Global sources direct

Apt 12b

Shanna Todd – met in Europe 2003, (La Spezia, Italy), she crashed in our hotel room, making it a count of 6 people!

beat me in spades after I taught her the game!

going to Switzerlandhas two younger brothers, Feb 8th b-days

summer 2004 address:

Orlando, FL

Minneapolis MN

Andrea Tolliver – Deutsche Bank new hire program, Sept 2003 London

forced to work in Todawa, New Jersey!

Global Banking Operations

from Atlanta, Georgia

Tom Chung

Chris Tomesko


Christine Torda

Caroline-Shine Shenzhen-Toronto – Met at dclub shenzhen from toronto university

Saro Tovmasian – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003

Tracy – Delta Phi Epsilon

Tracy – friends w/ Tish

came to visit w/ Steph, March 2003

wants to go to Seton Hall to study Sports Management

Melissa Traylor – JP Morgan Stevens Tech c/o 2001

Judy Trnsltion

Mike Trutt – Abound enterprises – runs

Working on modernbardesign

Dave Tsang – Andrew Moran’s friend from UCONN

transferred to NYU

lives in Union Square

Hk number

Jim Turner – Credit Suisse Consultant

Ed Turowski – Deutsche bank

sales assistant high yield

sold me some furniture

Ramesh Vagadiya – Deutsche Bank IT Deutsche Bank new hire program 2003

from London

sat at my table 8 during stock market week

was a reaserch person like me in the tradiing simulation

Jules Valencia

Chad Valerio – Deutsche Bank Distressed Debt anaylst

movie box office market maker

Van Shenzhen-bqay

Annette Vanicek – Murray Smith’s referral for contract management / corporate structures

Russell VanSweden – Davis 3 north resident, 2001-2002

Bibin Varghese – Stevens Insitute of Technology

Computer Science, c/o 2004


Sabina Vazquez – daughter of Rosie @ Deutsche Bank

met at Nornale’s going away party in midtown

works as paralegal

lives in bensenhurst, brooklyn

Janesa Velarde – Met in phillipines feb09

Vicky Velasco – Stevens Tech, c/o 2005

teacher for fair lawn High

Oscar Verdeflor

Jenny Vick

Derek Viel

Viena Shenzhen

Lance Visone – Stevens Institute of Technology

in my EM345 class, spring 02

c/o 2002

Joshua Vogelstein

Pam Vuijst – met her on Saturday, Nov 16, 2002 @ Battery Park City Ferry, going to Hoboken, NJ (she was visiting a

friend in Princeton, NJ)

c/o 2003 from Sacred Heart in CT

will work on the NYSE floor at a post after graduation

Nadeem Waheed

Vanessa Waldron – NIAF (National Italian American Foundation) Gift of Discovery 2003 participant w/ me.

Met at Westfarms mall on Easter Weekend to discuss trip

ancestors from Atrani, Italy

Jason Walsh – Bill Munley’s Friend

Patrick Walsh – Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity

c/o 2003

got a job w/ Goldman Sachs, Operations Dept.

Dana Wambser – Novartis Process Engineer graduate student

Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority

took mgt690 w/ her and Tia Piller, Fall 2001

Kwee Wang

Stephen Warren – Deutsche Bank, c/o 2002

corporate actions

helped with Pimp names.

Joe Wasielewski

Mike Wasielewski – MIA graduate, c\o ‘99

Brian Watling – DMS Consultants Owner met on March 10-11,2005 for Deutsche Bank training seminar

graduate training program final event

David Watts – Sales

Rina Weinberg – Traxon Mood Lighting Sales Rep

David Weinzierl

Nina Weinzierl – visited Italy in Oct 2000

Caroline Welling – Deutsche Bank had class with her in MGT550 and MGT551

Kristen Welna

Lavinia Wen

Monte White – Stevens tech, delta tau delta

Richard P. Widdicombe

Matthew Williams – eSPEAR project Deutsche Bank

grad c/o 2002

Danny Wilson – Phoenix International Alan Kaufman’s friend.

Shanghai Winnie

Bridgette Wiosna – MIA c/o 98

Gregory Wolenberg – DTD Leadership Academy

AIM: WallyWorldST19

Elwin Wong – HK accountant, referred by Brent’s friend Rowena

Eric Wong – Met with Jim Aldworth in Hong Kong

Works at Deutsche Bank

Leslie Wong – met at Mardi Gras

promotor for Nintendo

went to Univ. of Cali- Berkeley, c/o 2002

lives in San Francisco

Mike Wong

Shirley Wong – Ivan’s worker in Hong Kong

Helped me set up the company in HK

Kenneth Wood – DTD Leadership Academy

AIM: userwood

Suzanne Woodrow – Buyer at Barneys

Nick Woolard – guy

friends w/ Greg

UCLA Anderson School of Management

MBA Class of 2008

Matt Wrobel

Ingrid Wu – Global Sourcing Direct

Rita Wu – Shenzhen Agent. Met 2x – once in HK electronics show, next in Shenzehen.

chinese name is: shuohe.

Alex Wu-china-visa – Kowloon tsim dong, kexueguan (science) road number 14, xinwenhua center building b, 916

Susan Xiamen guilin – Met in Xiamen SMX seo event april 2009

From Guilin

Shelly Shenzhen-Xie

Abiy Yacob

Andy Shenzhen-Yan – Shenzhen logistics company – called Link International Freight Co Ltd.

Friends of Rita Wu

Li Yan lawyer – Chinese name =

Lawyer in Shenzhen for JunZeJun Law Offices

Lucky Yan – QQ

Yaya Shenzhen

Craig Yennie

Rica Yin – Andy b’s gf

Jeff Yiwu-Straws

Yongli Crazy

Met at dclub, from hu bei, hunan

Old number

Karl Young – Delta Tau Delta Alumni

China Importing

Richard Widdicombe got me in touch.

Franky Yu – China seo, baidu first

From gz hong kongese

Friend of bas

Emily Yuan ningbo – General Manager Met at HK trade show, apr 2008

Hoping to cooperate with logistics, Ningbo

Nickname = Jing Jing

Chinese name = yuan jing

Phoebe Yuan – Xing’s girlfriend in Shanghai

Tax accountant in USA and China

Met with Xing Mar 2008 in Shanghai @ dim sum

Yukiko – Tara’s friend from hotel management college

lives w/ her in savannah georgia

Rick Yule – Deutsche Bank TMD Deutsche Bank training program, 2003

sat with me in table 2 during stock market week

Kristina Yulo – Stevens Institute of Technology

c/o 2005 co-op

Phi Sig sorority

Yumi Shenzhen

Irene Yurkins – Deutsche Bank, P&S department

Pui Lamb d Yuyd – Stevens Institute of Technology, c/o 2002

works at Hamilton Sundstrand

Vicky Z2

Sarah Zakarevicis – Schering Plough working w/ Giuseppe at Schering Plough

half filipino, quarter lithuanian, quarter ukranian

met in Hoboken late Aug 2004

Peter Zapf – Paul tittmann’s connection

Vp of global sources.

Giuseppe Zappia – Davis 3 north resident of mine, 2000-2001

Angelica Zatorski – Northeastern

Matt Zehrer – DTD Leadership Academy

Al Zeitoun – taught project management in DB midterm class, July 2004

Certification Handbook (PM Fundamentals, the date, PMI course number (8212) and you get 14 PDUs/contact hours)

visits Dubai

Mark Zhang

Sophia Shenzhen Zhao – Laurent’s girlfriend.

Vicky Shenzhen Zheng – Chengdu phone number

Ying Ying Zheng – Deutsche Bank Training Program

Operations Training, sat at a table with her the last week

Moved to Budapest, Hungary in Nov 1993. came to England when i was 14, so 1996

Francy Zhu – Bas’s gf half japanese, half hong kongese

Jane Zhu

May Zhu xiamen – Met at Shenzhen fair

Mellisa Zhu – Met at Hong Kong trade show, Oct 2007 – booth w/ funky high tech glassware

Lives in Shenzhen

Chinese birthday

Sister in Macao

Toddy Ziller

Robert Zuffi – Stevens Tech, c/o 2003

Staten Island

Beta Theta Pi

Mike Zulinski – MIA high school, 4 years behind me

Margaret Kozdeba – New Britain polish girl

Piotr visit in san diego

Earl Shenzhen – John boozers friend


Melissa Short

Bas Short

Alla Short

Wendy Shenzhen-Wong – Hong kong

Called her for saleslion, she was leaving company

Brent Deverman –


Jamie jenny friend – Jenny (dave’s gf) friend from hunan

Judy Cheung Shenzhen

Cindy hk sister

Queenie SHenzhen – Met at seo seminar in Shenzhen may09 where I spoke about social media

Kent Short

Deborah shenzhen-steven – Stevens sister

Todd Kleperis – Met through Andy Church

Steve Shenzhen-Wang

Mike Intercontintal-sz – Manager of galleon bar

Julie shenzhen – Rica’s friend

Last name xin

Nance sHenzhen – Wants website coopeartion

Isabella rica-friend – From xi-an

Can help with visa

Met at andy B b-day party june09

Allan Canada-Shenzhen – Shawn soole’s friend – moved to shenzhen

Norbet GZ shoppingcarts – Met through Nance on Shenzhen Stuff, wants custom shopping carts

Garwen watches-sem – Saleslion customer, met at seminar,

Has swiss watches website

– Met june 09

Charlie BayaBar-SHenzhen – Baya Bar in Shenzhen, coastal city bar

Had a bar in coco park as well.

Jonathan Guaangzhou – From Guangzhou, met on twitter

Marshall Taplits

Huck Liang – Owner of forwarding company on 10th floor in hai wang (next to 10d)

Angeline shenzhen-Yap

Piotr Wang – Dutch guy Bas met on nanshan mountain.

Candy Shenzhen – Helped me promote Shenzhen business club event.

katri finland

Lynn shenzhen – Met in july 09 at sz biz club meeting

Jet click-times – Seo company in luo ho

Bryan shenzhen-linkedin – Google adwords guy in china

Maggie Shenzhen – Came to my Shenzhen business club meeting july 2009

From hunan province,

Honghua Deng – WordPress expert

Ronald Renhao – Works at trademic

Lisa Santos – Santa Ana fulfillment company

shenzhen Lulu – Home bar,

Futian Friend – Met on qq

Rick tang

montreal Alex

shenzhen Wendy – met in galleon with filipinas amd alex

Shenzhen Heebee – Met dclub

Harbin Natasha

Allan Canada-Shenzhen – Shawn soole’s friend – moved to shenzhen

Vivian-friend Ben

Lee-shenzhen Christina – Interview, declined offer

Jojo Lee

Jun Shenzhen – Met at boozer party aug09

Jamie Shenzhen

Jojo shenzhen-realestate

Nico Rica-friend

Shenzhen-Bbq-girl Alaniana

Rainbow Shenzhen – Dclub

Shenzhen Angelina – Sophia / nikki / Laurent friend

Sandy Lee

Delia shenzhen – Dclub, bao an live, futian work

Cathy Shenzhen-tutor – Met at boozer party

Raymond Qu

Fan Chuen

June shenzhen – Ma Ru June is full name

Met in dclub aug09

Stella Shenzhen-Li – Wants web design in shenzhen

Lucy skype-shenzhen

Jane Chen

Tyler Gallagher – Tyler Gallagher

Senior Account Executive

Regal Assets

Universal City, CA 91608

Marie Shenzhen – Foodbyweb, filipina

Seo-led-china Brian

Angel Shenzhen – Can do trademarks

Met at boozers party aug 09

Dennis SEO-13floor –

Simon He

William Chengdu

Bob Nanjing – Translator, student, toured for me on sept09

Lian Xiamen – Met at Xiamen seo event april09

Andrew Shenzhen-Wall-st-english

Peter Shanghai – IPS – international payment system

Met in Nanjing

Can help me sell bar supplies, knows M2 CEO

Antony Hongkong-iprospect – Met in Nanjing SEO event

Jia-li Hubei-shenzhen – Met at japan bar in nanshan, hometown is hubei

Sunny Wong

Maybe Boozer

hao xia Shenzhen – Cheers bar, marshall wife

Shenzhen Oyang

Electrapour-2 Lois

Vivian new Xia

Ningbo Xiajie

Rob HongKong – Wine distributor in Hong Kong

Sunny Shenzhen coastalcity

Yoyo Shenzhen-yao-twitter – Twitter @yoyoyao

Water Shenzhen seo – Want to work as seo

Donald Shenzhen-lawyer – “Free” lawyer in Shenzhen, met at SZ business club meeting

Jon Conte-china

Anny Shanghai-shenzhen – Met in shekou nail salon, friend with yumi and mike mason

Anny wang

yoyo-2 shenzhen

yoyo shenzhen-2 – Texted me in sept 09, not sure

Tony bar-gaucho

Distributor Liquor

xuan shenzhen-dclub – Met in dclub after japanese

Shenzhen Sexy sushi lisa

Shenzhen-rica Ivy

Conte-china-t Jon

More Boozer

Bar-manager fish

Shenzhen-brazil Alexandro

Maureen Weatherall

Diana-stevens Chen

Two Marcel

David-ho Hongkong

Dustin Ellard

China Office-2

Karen-canton Guangzhou

Guangzhou Darren

Shawn-deng Guangzhou

Friend Mr-sun

Melany-nightclub Guangzhou

Bruce Shenzhen-bartender – Todd k,s contact

Flora Guangzhou-bottleopener

Anny shenzhen-glass

Star Shenzhen – Matt burke friend

Patrick Shenzhen-futian

Lisa Gaucho-bar-manager

Leo shenzhen-seo-sales

Jody Shenzhen-kfc

Stella Shenzhen-wine

Kitty Shenzhen-samba

Shenzhen-realtor Nicky

Candy Shenzhen-ebon-barproducts

Viola Wong

Conaill McGrady – UK accountant

Boozer 6 Maybe

Kristen Beijing-Lum – Beijing bar promoter, met on facebook and linkedin

Xing Gao-new

Bardin Levavy – Joe rosenberg’s lawyer reference for dissolution

Shenzhen Sandy

John Bonlarron – Jane Chen introduced

Does refurbished mobile phones

Shenzhen-hughes Cat – Linkedin moved to shenzhen nov09

Beijing-usa Elly

Andy beijing-yu

Max Shenzhen-noodles

Miwako Shenzhen-zhuzai-salsa

Leo Hongkong-jiang – Shines friend

Star Shenzhen


Dmon Shenzhen-russia

Betty Shenzhen-cindybday – Met at cindys birthday in nov09

Adam Shanghai-Devermann – Brent’s friend in shanghai,

Bartender, interested in electrapour

Tien 8 Boozer

Aritelle Shenzhen-ben-gf

Mekani-electrapour shenzhen

Cathy Shenzen-wu – Met on linkedin, in futian, from jinan university

Matt Shenzhen-sothperspec

George Li-800app

Chris Shenzhen-cat

Garrett Shenzhen

Nayeli Shenzhen-catfriend

Tristan-guangyao Shenzhen-kingdee

Raine Shenzhen-liu

Cameron Shenzhen-mma

Jane Zhu

Allan Shenzhen-collins

Mary-xmas Dunno

Andreas Qingdao-absynthe

Mensa Wang

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