In by Michael Michelini

The hiring process can be overwhelming. All the emails, overwhelming amount of candidates, and more.

Vervoe has helped me organize my incoming job requests.

I explain it to people like a Trello board for hiring – with email alerts to the “trello card” (candidates) as they move to different stages.

Let me explain.

You create a new “board” for a new job position you are hiring in. It then comes with a unique link people who want to apply for this position click into and fill in the questionairre.

After the candidate does taht – they are in the system. You can setup all kinds of things for them to do – do a test, do a trial project, do a video recorded interview.

There is even some AI at Vervoe that tracks the quality of their response.

As the responses come in – you review them and can quickly move them on to the next stage or to reject them.

The best part is – as you move them to different stages- it sends out emails to those candidates so they know their current status.

That to me, is the biggest pain point – communicating to all the candidates about their status.

So if you are in the company HR department and want a scalable and organized way to keep track of job applicants and be able to drag and drop them like trello cards in a board with email notifications to the candidates- check out Vervoe

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