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Snappa for your graphic design needs.

Here at Mike’s Blog we are diving deeper and deeper into graphic design and art – as we realize that is what keeps people on the webpage and browsing through more articles.

Yet there is an overwhelming amount of ways to edit and format photos, graphics, illustrations and more. A good tool to consider is snappa

Get your designs done in a SNAP!

With templates ready to go, you can get many of the social media banners and graphics you need done fast and easy – while still looking like a pro.

Snappa vs Canva

Which graphic design software to use? Snappa vs Canva is a common question we get here at the blog – and it really boils down to which kind of interface and which features are most important to you.

There is a ton of features in both and while there are paid-only features you can get quite a lot done for free.

Give Snappa A Try – Free

While the internet is growing at such a rapid pace, don’t get overwhelmed. Try to focus on quality and focus on improving the content you already have.

What we are doing here at Mike’s Blog is going back to some of our older but more popular posts and improve them – specifically on the graphics side. This will help increase stickiness of the post, reduce bounce rate, increase chances of getting shared and more.

Check out Snappa Now!
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