Google Adsense

In by Michael Michelini

Looking for a straight forward and easy way to earn income from your blogging?

Then that would be Google Adsense!

Made by Google, it is a way to let bloggers get ad revenue from their content. With Google’s massive advertiser network, those advertisers can now reach readers on your blog. All you need to do is place the javascript code on certain parts of your blog and then the ads will automatically generate (based on the content you are talking about)

So if you have a dog blog, and put google adsense, most likely advertisements will be about products or services about dogs (since the text on your site is about that topic, and advertisers selling dog related things will want to target those readers)

Another option is to simply place the Google adsense code in your WordPress theme / website and Google’s ads will automatically show up (as of writing this that is what we do at Mike’s Blog). We have noticed though that the ads almost change the layout of the site and is making it a bit ugly.

So you need to decide – how much income do you expect to earn from the advertising versus the “ugliness” of the ads on your website? Many don’t think it is worth it – and use other ways to earn income from their blog (which we talk about a lot on the site).

Many of our websites don’t have Google Adsense – because we are focused on getting the visitors to buy from our website or do other types of actions rather than clicking an ad.

So I’m curious what your experience with Google Adsense is.

Ready to signup? Pretty easy – use a google account (one that is more for business purposes is what I recommend) and head on over to

Google Adsense
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