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Need a Reliable Source of Images?

As you start your blog, you may just hop on over to the G (Google) and search for free graphics. I know, we have all been there, you gotta hustle to make a dollar!

But you really need to be careful more and more. As the internet has matured, so has the tools for copyright protection lawyers to search. There are cases where they send scary legal letters to Amazon sellers and e-commerce business owners demanding pay for using their client’s images without permission.

So please, be careful when simply grabbing images off Google for your blog.

Safe Bet – Using Deposit Photos

What we do for a lot of Amazon listings is use Deposit Photos. With this paid service, you are guaranteed to stay safe and not get in trouble later down the road when one of your top product photos gets in trouble.

Tons of images you will own full rights to – from photographs to vector files.

Also – Less Likely For Others To Use Them

This is why we are turning towards using paid images – not many others are investing in it! Everyone still insists on finding free images without royalties. And sure, there are those sources – the problem is your competitors and other blogs online are also using them.

Kind of weird when 2 sites are using the exact same graphics, don’t you think ?

So by spending a small amount of money you have something to differentiate yourself with – for life!

Check Out Deposit Photos Today

So what are you waiting for? You can head on over and see them for yourself without even having to first create an account. Of course if you want to download them (without their Deposit Photos watermark) you’ll need to create an account and buy the image rights first – but still – browse and see for yourself.

Check out Deposit Photos today!
Deposit Photos
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