I’m very flattered you want to talk to me on a phone call! I love connecting with people more closely via a phone call. Today I wrote this up to make a standard way for people to know how I do phone calls.

My Morning Time Is My “Create” Time

I am a morning person. I love waking up early, and having my morning routine, a good breakfast, and jamming into some work.

Because of this, I focus my morning on writing, project planning and management, website development, and other projects that require a lot of my focused attention and brainpower.

My Afternoon is my Management Time (Phone Call Time)

Once I finish my morning session – I then have a nice lunch and dig into management mode. These are things like emails, talking to the team on projects, and phone calls!

So ideally we can have a call after lunch time onwards, that is the best time for me to give you my undivided attention.

As I’m a workaholic, I schedule calls up until my evening time. Though evening time does get into my preferred family time – I know there are a lot of timezones in the world and that may be a better time to schedule a call with my fellow American friends.

Hope This Can Sync Up With You

I know in the world of international business, you may be a morning person too – and that it the time that I am available for a call.

Someone has to budge in that case! I do put a range of times from about 1pm to 10pm (9 hours) in my calendar to do phone calls – and that is morning and afternoon for Europe, and late at night and early morning for Americans (when I’m on the Asia timezone).

Let me or my team members know if these times don’t work for you – but honestly if I do make a morning call, it gets me off my “jam sessions” and hard for me to get back “in the zone”.

Can’t Find a Time? Other Options

So, are we at a gridlock for finding a time to talk. This can be quite rough.

Here are some other ideas:

1) Make a video recording – record a video of what you want to say. This is a personable way for us to connect, even though we can’t see each other or do a real time call.

2) Talk to my team members – I love my team! They are smarter than me in many cases! They have call calendars and would love to talk to you too!

3) Write a clear email – though we all get burnt out with emails these days, if you are clear and to the point, we can both save time and maybe save a lot of phone calls back and forth.

I hope this message doesn’t sound cold or putting you off. I believe we all need to have dedicated schedules for different tasks in order to maximize our productivity and output. Read quite a few books on this, of course one is the famous “Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss. There are quite a few others that also say having dedicated time for certain routines maximizes our productivity.

I’d love to hear your routine and processes as well!

And I do hope we can connect up to make a win-win deal together!