In Ningbo – Now I understand why businessmen are so old

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I definitely underestimated what it takes to start a business……i figured i had some customers, some cash saved up, the rest would work out…..hahaha, 3 years later (from Shadstone beginning, 6 if you count from newyorkbarstore beginning), the struggle continues….. This is my countless times in a factory in the Ningbo area (yuyao, ningbo, yong kang – all over Zhejiang …

Upcoming Travels in China + Southeast Asia

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writing this on my mobile phone, it amazes me how open the world has become with the internet. My assistant jojo has prepared my travels for the next month, until the end of april, and this is what i have lined up: Now until march 25 – stay in shenzhen / hong kong taking care of business operations, financial cashflow …

More Motivated Then Ever Before

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almost 2 years since moving to China. People ask me, Am I getting Tired of it? Am I getting worn out, losing motivation? I AM MORE MOTIVATED AND STRONGER WILL THEN EVER BEFORE Why? Because, I have been through the ups and downs. I have had: * government make me move my bed! , * have people claiming me for …

Recent Travels – Nanjing, Ningbo, Xiamen

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The past few weeks i have been pretty busy flying to various cities, and many people have been asking me to give some stories and explain what the heck i am up to! So, while those who follow me on twitter (follow me – @michelini ) should have a better understanding, let me use this post to go in more …

Suing a Chinese Factory

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Let the games begin….here’s the letter to my Chinese Lawyer ============ Hi Liyan, I want to sue a factory for quality issues, can you help? I have a quality clause in it and I have a strong case they did not meet those requirements Mike =========== man, I can definitely say i’m doing some crazy things in my life

Success in Ningbo & Government Made Me Move my Bed!

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Today – back from the airport in Ningbo (delayed flight…from 7pm to 2am takeoff…back at 5am!!! is that allowed in USA??)Government came to my home office Friday, when I was in Ningbo and basically said to my staff that was there – “you can’t live in your office…office and house has to separate”….so what do I do….move to the warehouse …

Strategy Game Plan – Next 6 Weeks

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Sundays are always my strategy evenings…reflecting on the past and looking to the future… 6 weeks are going to be jam packed and may as well publish it on the blog to see if I can cram even more!! Earlier this week – interviewing people for Chinese accounting position. Thursday May 22 to Sunday May 25 – NINGBO, China – …

Deep in Zhejiang Province (i.e. FOB Ningbo) – roadtrip!

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wow the past week has been insane – flew to Shanghai, spent the weekend there- trade shows, factory visits, partying, networking, met college friend Xing, crashed at my buddy Brent’s apartment, then he and I drove his car to YuYao (3 or 4 hour drive) Monday. I drove for the first time in China that day….what a rush…. Greg Schwartz …