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Dreaming Castles in the Air, Motivational Pep Talk!

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Sunday afternoon, trying to motivate myself for the upcoming week. I like to use Sunday as a way to reflect on the week before, and make a nice plan for the upcoming week. I like motivational and moral poems, and love to share ( via this blog tag. The most popular blog post here has been Story of 2 fisherman, …

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Pair Of Old Shoes – Motivational Poem

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I’m still on email forwarding lists (ie Attila!) but every once in a while I get a great one (every 10 – 20 hehe). This one has caught my interest, a poem about a rich student who wants to play a joke on a poor farmer….only to realize the real meaning of life and giving. Here goes: Pair of Old …

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Return of the Geeks, Have Their Fun Later in Life

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I consider myself always as semi geek, semi cool…..I played on both sides when in high school, and learned to be flexible and deal with many personalities. I am not afraid to make fun of myself, maybe its a sign I’m getting old! I also blogged about how us “social media” online people are a bunch of nerds! There have …

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Hong Kong Fashion Night, Feeling of Not Belonging

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Yesterday was another action packed day, leaving Hong Kong approximately 7am to head into Dongguan, China. The day was a typical day in my “new life”, working with the Chinese staff in the dongguan Fiveislands ecommerce warehouse, checking over websites, inventory, products, interviewed some new job applicants. On the way back to Hong Kong in the evening, we picked up …

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5 Regrets When People Are About to Die

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Read this poem on facebook today from my friend Layheon Tan. Imagine….this amazing woman Bronnie Ware who wrote this…sharing her experiences with people who are about to die….listening to people on their deathbeds….imagine that…..imagine the perspective on life ….how your outlook on life must change….seeing people discuss the things they wish they had done before they died. These are the …

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Motivational Life Poem – I am Blind…Please Help

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Just received this forwarded email from my friend Attila, and instead of re-forwarding these emails, I blog about them. This one really did move me….and it makes all of us really think about what life priorities are all about. Here goes, then I’ll blab a bit afterwards: A blind boy sat on the steps of a building with a hat …

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Your Youth Never Dies – Poem

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This is a great poem passed down to me. Why does being a grown up adult have to make you a “fuddy duddy” boring person? Hands on a window pane Watching some children laugh and play They’re running in circles With candy canes and French braids Inspired to question What makes us grown-ups anyway? Let’s search for the moment When …

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Don’t Quit Poem

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I love it when my friends tell me they enjoy reading the blog. I just like to tell my life story online, and it helps me get down on paper the ideas and feeling in my head, it also allows others to get inspired, or a LAUGH, then that is amazing to me. My friend Aditya Damodaran whom I went …