Emotional IQ vs booksmart IQ

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“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” Salvador Dali I have always been a supporter of being street smart, or “hustle”, versus a person who knows what the book says. In life, I feel, so many times our specific situations are not found in books, and that is what makes life dynamic. I am not an expert, in no …

If I were born a chinese farmer

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Being in Shenzhen, China, I am exposed to a diverse community of people – rich Chinese businessman, adventurous young aspiring entrepreneurs, cheaters, beggers, and a lot of farmers! Now, it is easy to joke about a struggling Chinese farmer….they are low educated and will do almost anything to earn money to feed themselves and their families. You will see them …

Keeping in Touch with Family

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I hope my Uncle Bill doesn’t mind me doing this. But a couple emails back and forth now, and I almost feel guilty how out of touch I have gotten with my family back in the States…I have to try harder to keep in touch and know what is going on. Here is my Uncle Bill’s email to me a …

An American Spending July 4th in China

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Spending my July 4th in China. Last year this time I was visiting USA for about a month. So this will be the first July 4th spent in China for me. Its a bit strange, as I have to remind staff and friends that its even some kind of a holiday! So I decided to write a blog about what …

Healthcare, easy everywhere except USA

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So Bas and Brent are looking into healthcare and coverage options (I guess i’m crazy, but haven’t had insurance for 2 years). And its pretty hilarious to see how the quotes look – they are VERY reasonable OUTSIDE of USA coverage. The doctor costs and the healthcare system in America is soo screwed up I think back to my time …

In Phillipines, going to be a godfather!

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Just arrived yesterday, in Angeles, Pampanga, Phillipines with Bas. he’s a new father and I am gonna be the godfather of his daughter – Charlotte Victoria. Baby christening will be Sunday. ITS SO HOT HERE. Staying in a resort hotel, but the pool is green…under construction. Life is out of control….guess I like it this way. At least I have …

Finding Trusted Partners & Allies in a Foreign Country

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I dont want to say being in China is a reason for saying its hard to find trusted partners. But I think its being a foreigner / visitor in a faraway place that makes it complex and hard to know who is out for your best interests, not only their own. I keep hearing these horror stories about being robbed …

never stop dreaming

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no matter how crazy people may say you are – never live down your dreams…. i edited this pic of me back in summer 2003 – roadtrip USA w/ my bro Scott – this is at “duck lake” *** (correction, Scott / Fuzzyglasses said… Mallard Lake ) deep into yellowstone national park