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Happy Father’s Day!

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I love being a dad! I was so hesitant and afraid to become a father. Yet I always did want to have a child to share my life knowledge and experience with – to nurture and grow. This is my second year as a father – but last year didn’t yet get to even hold my son as he was …

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Enter the Year of the Dragon

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Depending on if you’re a business owner, or a employee, being an expat in China during the end of the year and Jan/Feb is much different than the rest of the year. Basically, its SHUT DOWN! You have Western holidays Christmas and New Years in the end of December into early Jan, and then Chinese New years each year is …

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Chinese Relationship Building Weekend, Waterpark + Hiking

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Typing this sunday afternoon, waiting for the bus from dongguan to shenzhen….what a long and perspective-building weekend! Started on Friday night, rushing to catch last bus to da lang district of dongguan from Longgan district of Shenzhen. Been getting better at traveling in China alone, but when I’m in these massive bus terminal networks it gets overwhelming. Luckily I figured …

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On the Road Again, Heading Back to the Philippines

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Sure, I have been traveling a lot between Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Dongguan a lot the past six months, but I don’t really consider it traveling…as my friend Marshall put it, its basically commuting! I just can’t seem to stop working and traveling on the road,constant traveling since maybe March last year. Its addicting, and once you create a work …

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Happy Mothers Day! Miss Mom and Nana!

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You know whats the hardest things you sacrifice when doing business overseas? Some may think the hardest things about doing business overseas would be language, culture shock, risks of not knowing people as well as your hometown / country…..nope, by far its the separation from your family, especially your mom and dad. The connection you have with your mom – …

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Happy Easter from Hong Kong, then Guangzhou

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Writing this Saturday evening (Holy Saturday) in my small apartment in Hong Kong. Making it an early night, and a relaxing night…I’ll be waking up around 7am tomorrow, Easter Sunday, and heading up to Shenzhen Bay border from Tin Hau CTS bus to meet up my friend Brent. I’ll catch a ride with him to the Canton Fair in Guangzhou. …

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China Is Open Again – End of Chinese New Years

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Woke up bright and early Thursday morning (6:30am) to head from Hong Kong over to Dong Guan, China to the Five Islands ecommerce center. I don’t mean to be an ignorant foreigner in China….but this holiday is annoying to me…..its just so long…………..I am a workaholic…..I am an “entrepreneur”…..and one half of my business is closed down, while the buy …

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Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Rabbit

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My 4th Chinese New Years while in Asia, and my first one while in Hong Kong. I am excited for the upcoming year…..the year of the Rabbit in the Chinese calendar. Its a lucky year, I don’t know what it is, but in Western and Asian culture they see rabbits as lucky. The are small, fast, cute little buggers, right? …

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Merry Christmas From Hong Kong!

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3rd Christmas in China – Christmas 2009 was working mostly, Christmas 2008 at my friends China apartment almost a 4th as I just came back to China end of 2007,spending Christmas in Florida…. This year was a split between Shenzhen, China for Christmas eve, “chilling” at Cheers bar with my friend Marshall, doing some bar hopping in the area…..and then …

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Weekend back in Connecticut

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After Florida, took a couple days back in New York for meetings and business. Its been exhausting to catch up with everyone, thinking how dispersed life has become, as I meet more people, as more people move, as I move around, I meet more people – I have so many more places to “Return to”. But it was great to …