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What I Learned at DCBKK 2016 Day 2

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The second official day of the conference (and final day) was action packed again. This whole conference was really like 5 days for me – from Wednesday and Thursday meetups to Friday mastermind to Saturday and Sunday formal conference and parties – my brain is seriously overloaded. So the second day, Sunday Oct 16, 2016 had the morning sessions as …

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What I Learned at Day 1 of DCBKK 2016

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As always, I am super overloaded with amazing information and action items from the DCBKK event. Still deep in the event today on day 2 but wanted to write up what I learned yesterday at day 1. Also – HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dan Andrews working the conference on his birthday, respect! Being Vulnerable The opening session was done by Jaime Masters …

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Ripping Off The Band Aid – Mike’s Blog 051

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How do you deal with feedback? While I am still a bit of a sensitive person, I have been working hard on being less concerned about taking things personal. Even if the feedback you receive is really rough, it is helpful for growth. Hopefully the person giving it to you is being constructive about it. So I’m here at DCBKK …

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Amazing Time at DCBKK 2015

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Typing this one up from “inside the machine” at DCBKK 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand. Been trying to keep up my morning routine and write every morning, which is a real extreme challenge here as this conference is action packed from 7am to midnight! Just fortunate to have found this community and been able to stick with it for the years. …

Amazing #DCBKK Bangkok: Time to Step up My Game – Turn Pressure into Action!

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Sitting at the Bangkok Airport writing this up…mind is still spinning from ideas and motivation from this past weekend’s Dynamite Circle Bangkok (DCBKK) yearly conference. My life is already undergoing massive changes with my wedding coming up, baby on the way, and startup Social Agent taking shape. This conference just helped re-ignite my passion for the internet, blogging, and will …

Heading to Bangkok! – Dynamite Circle Mastermind #DCBKK Oct 18-20

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I’ve had my head buried in work w/ Social Agent locked up here in China for months – its about time I go out and network! I have always loved what Dan Andrews and the guys at have been doing – having attended their first Tropical MBA meetup back in June 2011 (wow how time flies!), and I missed …