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Startup Entrepreneurs Pitching Their Dreams, Their Passions

In business, usa by Michael Michelini4 Comments

Was invited by a Stevens Tech friend to’s CrowdPitch event, the first one its had in the New York City area. It is quite an interesting concept, like the “American idol for Entrepreneurs” they have a panel of judges that moderate and critique the entrepreneurs pitching their business, with an audience voting (with fake money) on which of the …

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Is it really that great to win the lottery?

In motivation by Michael Michelini11 Comments

Ya, sounds crazy right….but everyone must think how great it is to win the lottery, yet…have we considered the ramifications? Here are some reasons i would consider it more: If it were kept private – i think the feeling of winning the lottery must be one of the greatest in ones lifetime, but having it announced on the television has …

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Too many people spend too much money

In business, corporate world, usa by Michael Michelini14 Comments

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned for things they dont like to impress people they dont like” – Will Smith This is a great quote…i mean, funny because its so damn true!! But sad at the same time. And its even sadder because i would have to say americans are feeling the after effects of living the lifestyle …

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Thank You For Calling Bank of America

In usa by Michael Michelini9 Comments

another interesting fact when moving abroad, especially China…is not only the time difference but dealing with finances from back home in USA. So, lets go through this saga step by step – 1)’s credit card program was bought by American express from GE corporate card – and this specific card program (productivity online) was closed and all cardholders had …