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Comparing Yourself To Others

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Comparing Yourself To Others Mine is better/bigger than yours It’s probably something my kids are discussing as I type this… Mike’s Blog 179 Humans, we are very interesting creatures. One of the bigger issues I have with myself and probably everyone on the planet is how we compare ourselves to each other. Why can’t we simply enjoy our life and …

Email Marketing: The Solution for Small Businesses

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In today’s business trend, more tools are utilized by the entrepreneurs to market their product and services. More so, email marketing is considered to be one of the essential tools for business. Small business marketing practices advertising through email. Small businesses are now into advertising through email because it is inexpensive and interactive than the conventional methods of advertising products …

Online Business: Check for More Ideas for Beginners

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Online Business is the Best Investment Entrepreneurs are thirsty for more business opportunities. Thus, they explore and seek more business ideas to venture. A disadvantage of finding a new business opportunity is it will slowly marginalize the chance to prosper. However, entrepreneurs discover more appealing opportunities in the online business. Online business is the best investment because it does not …