All We Can Do Is Change

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I feel myself changing. The years are passing by. The kids are growing older. Time goes by. We need to stay on top of ourselves. Don’t let ourselves lose track of time and the goals we set in place. I really think it is about becoming a husband and father that changes us so much. And helps us focus. Many …

The Cream Always Rises To The Top

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Have you heard the motivational quote “the cream always rises to the top”? It was a quote I heard form my buddy Chris when I was a bit down and out about the situation. I was not happy with a current situation in business, and how I had worked so hard to get to a certain point and it didn’t …

Leveraging Life Force 8 – Cashvertising Book Review

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LF8 is now stuck on my laptop frame. Life force 8 was my big takeaway – of many – from reading Ca$hvertising book by Drew Eric Whitman. What are these life force 8? I’m going to recap from my own memory and interpretation below. The Life Force 8 What is a life force 8? It is something we need to …

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Business Brand or Personal Brand?

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Pulling Yourself Off The Face Of a Website Mike’s Blog 151 In Mike’s blog I talk a bit about personal brand and using your own name website and brand to build up a business. It isn’t how I originally started with doing online businesses, I was like so many – I had a name for my business and on the …

Christmas In China Another Year

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So Another Christmas In China – Life Will Ever Be The Same? A couple days to Christmas as I post this. I had a nice call with a friend who lived in China over 10 years and is now back in America. He said it is the same feeling as if he was in China. Well, not exactly, but he …

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Grind Report – Year End Pomodoro Recap

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Here is my Year End Grind Report So I haven’t done my monthly grind reports – and I feel bad about it. But I haven’t stopped measuring my daily pomodoro sets. So I want to catch up and give a year end report. In today’s chart you can see the weekly chart of pomodoros the lows in 2017 were: * …

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Does Santa Claus Exist?

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Does Santa Claus Exist? Mike’s Blog 150 As a father, it is a new set of questions and decisions. Miles has been coming back from school talking about Christmas and Santa Claus (Lao Ren in Chinese – which literally means old man!) I’ve had some discussions about this with other fathers over the years and wanted to chat about it …

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Are You Where You’d Thought You’d Be 1 Year Ago?

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Are You Where You’d Thought You’d Be 1 Year Ago? Doing What You Love Are you doing what you love? Mike’s Blog 149 Year end is approaching. We are all probably thinking about what we are doing with our lives. This comes up naturally during holidays, birthdays, and of course year end / year renewal. I was able to ask …

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Let’s Rock 2018

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Let’s Rock 2018 Mike’s Blog 148 Are you excited? New Year is always an exciting time for us as it is a clean slate. Start fresh, put behind us all the things that didn’t go well for us in the previous year. Here at Global From Asia, we have accomplished quite a bit so it hasn’t been such a bad …

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Another Amazing White Collar Fight Night Event in Shenzhen

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I had the pleasure to attend the third annual White Collar Fight Night in Shenzhen this past Saturday. John Graham and the crew continue to step up the game upgrading the venue to a bigger and better venue – at the Futian Sheraton Grand Ballroom. A charity event, this boxing match engages the local community to step up and “fight” …

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Becoming Chinese

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Becoming Chinese Mike’s Blog 147 For those who have followed the blog over the years – they will know what I need to do in the last month of December. It’s a special time, that all foreigners in China who are here for long term need to do. Renewing my work permit and residence visa. It doesn’t have to fall …