5 Tips to Get to Sleep

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Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for our health and emotional wellbeing. There are many scientific papers that state that healthy adults should get around 8 hours sleep per night, although for many among us, falling asleep quickly can be a challenge, and the more you try to get to sleep, the harder it is. Sleep is a restorative …

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To Run Around Building Communities

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To Run Around Building Communities Mike’s Blog 145 Community, we had a GFA Meetup about Community development for your crowdfunding campaign and e-commerce business this past weekend. That sparked the idea of this blog/vlog. Everything really is community, and to be honest, as everyone fears losing their job to robots and AI – one sector that is definitely safe (in …

Going to USA – Feb 1 – 18, 2018

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It has been over 2 years since I’ve been back to America. Time is flying, and it was October 2015 when Wendy, Miles, and I had stepped foot on American soil (sounds so obscure!). My daughter Maggie hasn’t even visited yet. So that is about to change. In February 2018, during Chinese New Year, we are taking the whole family …

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You Only Need These 3 Things

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You Only Need These 3 Things Mike’s blog 144 Sometimes just letting things go wide you can discover some great things. At a bit of a writer’s block on what kind of v-log to do next, I bumped into Rob Barry at a Dcx Hong Kong event. Putting the camera on him with no preparation and no topic, he came …

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Taking a Tour of Hua Qiang Bei, Shenzhen, China

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Taking a Tour of Hua Qiang Bei, Shenzhen, China Mike’s Blog 142 When you get a group of amazing people together, exponentially awesome things happen. Since we had the Cross Border Matchmaker coming up, why not organize a tour of the electronics marketplace center of the world – Hua Qiang Bei? And we did just that – some of the …