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Foreigners Accepted in China

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Foreigners Accepted in China Will We Always be a Foreigner in China? Am I Just a White Monkey? We have discussed “rent-a-white guy” in the past on the blog. In China, as well as other parts of Asia – the media, the image of foreigners has always been highly respected and value. Some say it’s Hollywood, some say because of …

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No Excuses

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No Excuses Mike’s Blog 131 Writing this on a bus in Evernote app using one hand. My Mac charger totally died and I can’t charge my laptop to do my morning writing. I’m rushing to Chinaccelerator office to hope someone can let me in so I can charge my laptop and resume work. Then I will go to a market …

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Preparing for the Upcoming Cross Border Matchmaker

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Preparing for the Upcoming Cross Border Matchmaker No, This is Not a Cross Border Dating Event Mike’s Blog 130 Google matchmaker, especially cross border matchmaker – and you’ll find a ton of sites about connecting rich men with beautiful women in developing countries. Sorry, maybe Wendy and I should have picked a better name – but that is not what …

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Upgrading the TV show

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Getting Out There And Making The TV Show Happen Mike’s Blog 128 Well, we just released the first episode of Ecommerce Gladiator! The production time for this was of epic proportions – what I thought would take a week turned into over 2 weeks of regular coordination. Big shout out to my friends and the talented for working so …

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Staying in Touch with Friends

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Staying in Touch with Friends Mike’s Blog 127 How do you maintain friendships, especially when on the other side of the globe? It has been 2 years since I’ve been back home to USA. I spent a few weeks in September/Oct 2015 going to San Francisco, New York, and Florida. My son was about a year and a half year …

How SEO can Keep You in Business

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Think about how you made your last purchase. It doesn’t matter if you bought it online or went to a brick-and-mortar store to buy it. Think about the steps that you took before you actually made the decision to buy. Did you, by any chance, do some research online to find out more about a product or service? If you …

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Foreigners Moving To China

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Foreigners Moving To China Mikes Blog 126 What’s the deal, why would anyone actually want to move into Mainland China? Why would someone want to leave their home country, their roots, their friends and family, and move into the wild,wild, East. Good question. After the last video blog where I did vent a bit about the recent growing challenges of …