New Year – Invest In Yourself

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As each year goes by, I try to mature a little bit. Well, now I have no choice to mature – I’m the father of 2 amazing kids and need to set a positive example. One think I’d like to “get out there” is over the years – I have learned that “investing in yourself” has had the most positive …

Backup Plan If Trump + China Gets Americans Kicked Out

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Sure, when I first decided to move (well, let’s say “travel” that became “live”) in China I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. And starting out in 2007 I for sure didn’t expect to be writing this blog post in late 2016 as a husband to a Chinese wife and father to 2 kids, living in Shenzhen. But like …

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Visiting a Buddy’s Factory in China – Mike’s Blog 067

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My friend Wilson, met back in Startup Weekend China days in 2010/2011 timeframe and we’ve become good friends. He helped a lot organize a ton of those events, and has also helped me organize last year’s Cross Border Summit. All these years he has asked me to come visit him in his hometown in Chaozhou city – a couple hours …

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Stuck in China – Mike’s blog 064

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So, been disappointed to see Casey Neistat has stopped his daily vlog! But I’ll keep this going – and its kinda boring now – I’m stuck without a passport in China as I renew my China visa for the next year. Hope it goes through without a problem!