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We Took a Cross Border Business Trip – Mike’s Vlog 025

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Business Trip Recap: Qianhai Free Trade Zone Friday July 29 was an intense day of touring warehouses, learning workshops, and networking – from early in the morning until late at night! It was a ton of work to put this together, but the most exciting part is that people enjoyed it, learned something, and made some new business contacts. That …

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Back to the Grind in China – Mikes’ Vlog 024

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Back to the Grind in China Back in China! been off the video blogging habit for a couple weeks so took a few clips from the days i’ve been here. Just a normal couple weeks. Also this coming friday we’ll have a business trip in Shenzhen, coming from Hong Kong or if you’re already here in Shenzhen or China – …

Pushing This Event – Qianhai Free Trade Zone in Shenzhen, China

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The days are coming up quick! This coming Friday we will have an event for the Free Trade Zone – a full day event! This was created after an amazing Cross Border Summit event we had in April – and people were asking about cross border e-commerce and the Free Trade Zone opportunities in China. For about a month and …

June Grind Report – Grind07

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Almost in mid July – but still committed to getting these grind reports online. June, as expected, was a tough one to do pomodoro sets. But I did get a few good ones in during the Philippines trip and between conferences in Prague. Here are the results: What Is Up for July Well, almost halfway through July now so a …

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Storming the Castle in Prague – Mike’s Vlog 023

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Last full day in Prague and Europe in general. Back to Asia now – but had a great day on Sunday visiting the castle outside of the city. Simon Payne is an awesome host. It made me realize Also check out Simon Whistler Vlogs channel on Youtube. I’m not sure how to embed a link in the video – but …

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Meetups and Euro Cup – Mike’s Vlog 022

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(When I was posting this I was in Dubai, Youtube is blocked…. for now check on facebook for video) Getting these video blogs done on the weekend – full week of work and then the fun and networking began! Saturday we had a DC Prague meetup – few amazing speakers, good food, and of course – epic networking with great …

Surrounding Yourself with Positive People

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If you ask most successful people how they achieved greatness, I am sure it is about surrounding themselves with good people. Life is really short, we cannot be experts at everything and therefore we have to have good people around us to fill in the gaps. We trust them for the information and recommendations they provide. They help us feel …

Longest Trip Ever – Being Away from Wife and Kids

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Typing this up from my friend’s office in Prague. He worked in my coworking space when he was visiting Shenzhen and now is returning the favor. So fortunate to have good friends around the world. But friends aren’t the same as family – especially when you are a new dad and have a 2 year old and a 5 month …