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Book Reflections: Obstacle Is the Way

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Just some Random Book Notes from Obstacle is the Way I just finished listening to the audio book “The Obstacle is the Way” by Ryan Holiday. I enjoyed the fact that I finished it over the past few days in Prague. Just helps me solidify what I learned. Taking long walks in new places and beautiful parks has been epic. …

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Hail Storm in Prague – Mikes Vlog 021

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So I’m in Prague now! Arrived middle of last week after an intense conference in Barcelona. Why am I here? There’s a mastermind meetup (DC Prague) next Friday and then a speaker session on Saturday – and since I’m in Europe anyway may as well stick around! But there is like a week and a half, almost 2 weeks, between …

Will I Live in China For The Rest of My Life?

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As I am in Europe, people always perk their ears up when they hear I have been living in China for about 10 years now. The next logical question is – will you live in China for the rest of your life? Or, how long do you plan to live in China. When they hear I’m married with 2 kids, …

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Barcelona + More Inspiration at Dynamite Circle – Mike’s Vlog 020

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This Dynamite Circle group of digital nomads (“location independent entrepreneurs”) always motivate me to make moves and push myself harder and in business. Inspired me to start a podcast Global From Asia which is my main gig now, thanks guys. Haven’t been to Europe for years, so what better reason than to come to this amazing event! What I learned …

Amazing Business Developments in Cebu, Philippines

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Typing this up on my Cebu Pacific flight back to Hong Kong, bright and early on Saturday morning. Riding a high, even though I only had 4 hours of sleep! Though sometimes those nights you don’t get much sleep you have this sudden burst of energy. That is me right now. Why do people sleep on flights? This is when …

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Family + Business – Mikes Vlog017

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Been off the video blog wagon a couple months now – starting things off again chatting about family life and business life – the ever changing balance for me and many others I know. How do you handle work and personal life matters? those here know I do things as 1! Also came down the Cebu, Philippines to do some …

Grind Report for May! Grind06

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Exciting times. I am now on the sixth report for grinding. May has been a heck of a lot of work, a big challenge for me – but seems that there is a lot of interesting developments from this month of grind. Let’s jump into it. May’s Results Here are the results. Much higher than April. This was predicted – …