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Excited for Shenzhen’s 1st Barcamp, Sat Sept 14

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Really excited for Shenzhen’s first Barcamp, there have been many in Hong Kong, I’ve attended a couple, as well as some in Shanghai and Beijing and Guangzhou – now its Shenzhen’s time. I’m glad Zhiyuan and Carrie from SZstartups have stepped up and taken the responsibility to organize such an amazing event! I’ll be there as a speaker too – …

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More Shanghai Hustle: Clients, BD, Training Seminars

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Typing this blog up 11:15pm on a Monday night in Shenzhen – just landed about 30 minutes ago. I get wechat messages often from friends – envious of my travel schedule. I took think its pretty awesome – but it takes a lot of practice and patience! Wifi not working in airports, batteries constantly on empty, lost in new locations, …

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Craziest Launch Party Ever, One for the Records

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man, its been almost 24 hours now since the party ended and Im still wondering how that happened. A few weeks ago from the “peer pressure slide of Paul Orlando” where I set the launch date of August 10th with a beach party in Shenzhen til today, my team and I were worried we would even fill 1 bus of …