Being in China has Converted me from Type A to Type B

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For some reason, when I think of Type A vs. Type B personalities, I think back to my RA (resident assistant) training when I was in college. We would have yearly leadership training, and one of my favorite topics was leadership or management styles of Type A vs Type B. First I’ll quickly go through these 2 styles in my …

In Wall Street Journal on How to Open a Startup in China

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Little bit of self promotion, but I’m really excited to have gotten confirmation by Saabira Chaudhuri, a reporter from the WALL STREET JOURNAL, that she included me in her latest article “Launching a Start-Up Overseas“. I’m a little shy / embarrassed to do “self-promotion” of myself and this article….yes, I know I am blogging my whole life every day…but still, …

Speaking at Shenzhen Startup Tuesday, about USA Startup weekend & book review

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For those of ya’ll in Shenzhen, China – stop by tomorrow night at Shenzhen Marketing’s startup tuesday at Chaihuo makerspace. I’m going to be presenting on the concept of Startup Weekend and go through what I learned when reading the book by the guys who are driving Startup Weekend globally. I’ll also explain the expansion plan in China, get ideas …

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May 29 – Mike Michelini discusses Startup Weekend’s vision, book review

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[box] Who: Michael Michelini. [/box] [box] When: 7 PM, TUESDAY, MAY 29nd 2012 [/box] [box] Where: Chai Huo Hackerspace, Nanshan, Shenzhen [/box] [box] Cost: 20RMB [/box] [box] Topic:  Startup Weekend Book Review + Situation in China.  [/box] [box] About: American social media & e-commerce specialist, Mike has been in China since late 2007, originally to source products for his e-commerce business – but has transformed into working with American companies …

Back in China, Summary + Reflections from USA trip

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Saturday afternoon typing from my desk at Chaihuo makerspace in Shenzhen, China. Totally buried in emails, chats, notepads, namecards surrounding me. I FREAKIN’ love it! – as much as I get stressed, jet lagged, overwhelmed, emotional….I just love this hyper-active traveling and international business. This USA trip was a defining one for me. Really a bridge, meeting blog readers on …

Pumped for Guangzhou, China startup weekend, June 1-3

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Totally physched. Coming back to China after a great trip to USA – meeting all these awesome people, Chinese businessmen who came to LA for e-commerce, startups in Silicon Valley, startup weekend in Seattle. I am learning my purpose, my drive, my passion, my calling. To help bridge USA and China startups / technology / e-commerce. Yes, its a huge …

Heading Back to China, Bringing Back Tons of USA Developments

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Writing this up at the hotel checking out, and then more at the airport preparing to fly back to Asia. Going through namecards, paper notes, evernote notes….tons of information. Tons of contacts. Tons of ideas. Need to digest, make a plan, focus. My email box has been exploding. There is Guangzhou, China Startup weekend coming up so quickly: June 1 …

Visiting more awesome Seattle tech companies – @SEOmoz

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Monday here in Seattle, and I definitely am experiencing the Seattle I was expecting – rainy, lots of coffee, and tech companies! I had scheduled a tour of SEOmoz during my stay and have been excited to drop in after an awesome startup weekend. I got to know SEOmoz well since they launched their site explorer and Gillian (@SEOmom) was …

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MAY 22nd Arrow Dong; VP, RCF Assets Management Co., LTD.

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[box] Who: Arrow Dong, VP, RCF Assets Management Co., LTD. [/box] [box] When: 7 PM, TUESDAY, MAY 22nd 2012 [/box] [box] Where: Chai Huo Hackerspace, Nanshan, Shenzhen [/box] [box] Cost: 20RMB [/box] [box] Topic:  Starting Up a Coffee & Incubator; General Situation in China.  [/box] [box] About: Arrow holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master in Management from XJTU. He has more than 15 years experience in IT/consumer electronics and telecom industry. Arrow …

Amazing Time Inside Seattle Startupweekend #SWSEA

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The main reason I’m in USA is for facilitating this weekend’s Seattle Startup weekend, arriving here in Seattle late Wednesday night after a roadtrip up from San Francisco w/ Attila. The energy has been extreme – about 130 entrepreneurs checked in – overbooked with 80 on the waiting list! I’ll have to be honest, I was a bit nervous, being …

Feel the Startup Revolution! From the Heart of it all in San Francisco

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Maybe I just feel this global movement is happening in the startup world because I’m so closely entrenched in it. But I have to say, from what others say, as well as the new crowd funding legislation in America that will allow smaller investors to invest into early stage investments – its getting easier and more “liquid” for small businesses …

Getting Sweet Techie Gear in San Fran!

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Jamming in as many meetings as I can during this short stopover in San Francisco, I was able to meet Kat from Modern Twist who came across my blog last week about how to import into China she emailed me while I was in Los Angeles. Going back and forth in emails, I realized I would be in San Francisco …

Arriving in San Francisco – Quick 2 days to maximize!

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Exciting time in USA! I’m typing this Monday morning (Cali time) in a San Francisco hotel. Attila, reading my news of coming to USA, met me in LA to spend the trip w/ me together all the way from LA to Seattle. I was supposed to fly from LA to Seattle this Wednesday – but Attila has a car and …

MAY 15 Incubator brainstorming + sharing session by Nik

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[box] Topic:   Incubator brainstorming + sharing session by Nik  [/box] [box] When: 7 PM, TUESDAY, MAY 15th 2012 [/box] [box] Where: Chai Huo Hackerspace, Nanshan, Shenzhen [/box] [box] Cost: 20RMB [/box] [box] About: This is an open discussion on what support is needed for Shenzhen startup entrepreneurs and what will they expect from an Business incubator . [/box]