Everyone Pushing me to Sell USA Real Estate to Rich Chinese

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As I continue to build up networks and host events, I am constantly pushed by companies to advertise to these members. Maybe this is a way I can “monetize” all this free work I have been doing. But its also somewhat of a distraction. Maybe its something I need to develop into a standard “reply” for those who are interested. …

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April 24th Stephen Forte on “Exiting Tactics for a Startup”

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[box] Who: Stephen Forte, Chief Strategy Officer of Telerik [/box] [box] When: 7 PM, TUESDAY, April 24th  [/box] [box] Where: Chai Huo Hackerspace, Nanshan, Shenzhen [/box] [box] Cost: RMB20 [/box] [box] Topic:  “Exiting tactics for a startup”  [/box] [box] About: Stephen Forte is the Chief Strategy Officer of the venture backed company, Telerik, a leading vendor of developer and team productivity tools. Involved in several startups, he was the co-founder of Triton Works, which was …

Canton Fair meetup #2 – Wednesday April 25th

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Hanging out with Rue this rainy Thursday afternoon. He is really excited about his business promoting local music via Shenzhen Local Music – going through some wordpress training and backup FTP techie jargon. He and I want to work to bring together foreigners + Chinese in South China, he’s more focused on the music and artist industry, while I’m more …

blogging on the road again, business traveler, travel blogger

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The longer I do business the more I realize I just have to accept that I will travel always, and instead of being like the majority of people here – I will have to learn how to work on the road. I am typing this today on my bluetooth keyboard, in the middle seat of a high speed train from …

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APRIL 17 Michael Jiang on “Big Data And Hadoop: What, Why And How?”

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[box] Who:Michael Jiang of BroadenGate Technologies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. [/box] [box] When: 7 PM, TUESDAY, APRIL 17 2012 [/box] [box] Where: Chai Huo Hackerspace, Nanshan, Shenzhen [/box] [box] Cost: RMB20 [/box] [box] Topic: 大数据核心技术Hadoop ABC:what, why and how? Big Data And Hadoop: What, Why And How?  [/box] [box] About: Maojin (Michael) Jiang is a Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop (CCAH) and a ClouderaCertified Developer for Apache Hadoop (CCDH). He spent the past …

Considering Creating a New Shenzhen, China Incubator

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I remember reading an article when I was younger about Bill Gross and his idea factory….a place where all kinds of new ideas were dreamed up and built into a reality. I still vividly remember reading that business magazine article and getting excited about it. And many, many of my friends say I am destined to run some kind of …

GOING TO USA! Startup weekend Seattle, May 18

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Boom! Had an awesome startupweekend in Shenzhen last weekend, been in regular talks with global headquarters in Seattle, Washington, USA and they invited me to facilitate their Seattle startupweekend next month, from May 18 to the 20th! I wish I could take my team, Kawai, Nik, Remus – all the mentors, judges, and of course CHINESE startups…but like Kawai said, …

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APRIL 10 Lei Gao on Intoducing Tamagone and How to work with remote or virtual teams in a startup

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  [box] Who: Lei Gao Tinker, Artist, Interaction Designer , CEO of IMLAB [/box] [box] When: 7 PM, TUESDAY, APRIL 10 2012 [/box] [box] Where: Chai Huo Hackerspace, Nanshan, Shenzhen [/box] [box] Cost: RMB20 [/box] [box] Topic: Introducing Tamagome, a personal data visualization service which aims to help use know more about their daily activities, control behavior, control health. How to work with remote or virtual teams in a startup and the tools to …

Shenzhen Startupweekend – Say it outloud! Passion overflowing!

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Words cannot describe how I feel this Monday morning….the passion, the emotions, the excitement from this past shenzhen startupweekend was surreal. Its about the sponsors, the mentors, the judges, and most importantly, the entrepreneurs who came out all weekend took risk and time to build something! We had some mobile apps made in a weekend! We had database driven websites, …

Startup Weekend Shenzhen Day 1 – PHOTO BLOG

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DAY ONE OF STARTUP WEEKEND SHENZHEN 17:00 – 19:00 Registration & Networking 19:00 – 19:30 Welcome & Speakers 19:30 –21:00 Pitch your idea! 21:00 – 21:30 Vote on ideas 21:30 – 22:30 Teams form (1h) 22:30+ Stay or go home