But Mike, You Cannot Live Like Them, You Were Not Born Chinese

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I talk a lot, I am open about my life and let others give input to help me make decisions, and the blog title today “But Mike, You Cannot Live Like Them, You Were Not Born Chinese” comes from a recent meeting with my friend, who i will hold back on revealing their identity. And yes, living in China (Asia) …

China Continues to Develop Its Marketing + Product Management

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Speaking to my friend Fion at Timev, the Xiamen China SEO company that organizes various internet meetups in China, she helped translate my Social Media presentation in Xiamen. I have been in touch with her on weibo (Chinese twitter) and its great she is explaining there are more developments in Chinese marketing and internet promotions. As I have said over …

Social Media Lets You Trust Strangers Renting Your Room

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After startup monday yesterday, met Stephen Chung from wimdu room sharing which is a startup from Rocket Internet (part of the Groupon Europe clone Citydeal that was later bought out by Groupon and heads their international expansion). Stephen is a cool guy from Korea, here in Hong Kong to market and expand the amount of hosts (available rooms to rent) …

5th Meetup for Shenzhen Ecommerce Group

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**Note — room is 401 Block-B Kingdee instead of the first floor **** Also, an additional speaker –> 郑伟彤, Product Director in Kingdee, speaking on Business Model of Kuaidi100.com ******************************* The Shenzhen Internet Marketing Group is organizing a meetup on Saturday afternoon, June 18, in the afternoon from 1pm to approx 5 or 6pm. 1) cost – its FREE. the …

Motivational Speaker For Startup Monday Hong Kong #SUMHK

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Startups Hong Kong has been growing to be sooo packed, this photo was from William Liang tonight. There are more organized speakers coming, tonight Derek Kwik attended, a venture capitalist in technology and mobile payments. A very ambitious, sports bugg, having running across 4 deserts. He compares running across a desert like like running a business, very difficult, takes perseverance …

Interviewed on Chinese Television, CCTV, Foreigners in China

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Life is the path you make it…and when people ask me how I get myself into certain situations….its such a long string of events….networking, knowing people, as well as being in the right place at the right time. James Sung, my friend in Shenzhen for a few years, has a consumer electronics factory (the bluetooth factory I visited earlier this …

Revisiting Lifestyle Design, Great Reading on a Rainy Sunday

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I’ve been a fan of Tim Ferris’s Four Hour Work Week book, reading it back in 2007 and partially reflecting on it in the blog Life on the Road post…but today was a rainy Sunday afternoon in Shenzhen and spent a lot of my afternoon reading through the it, chillin on the couch at Andy + Rica‘s place. Again, part …

Visit To The Hong Kong Entrepreneur Day Expo

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My buddy @AndreMartin luckily alerted me about the HKTDC entrepreneur fair that is going on in Wan Chai expo center today and tomorrow. And even more lucky is that I happened to be in Hong Kong! Very fortunate, granted that I didn’t plan for this. I asked around, this is a yearly event, and some people advised it may not …

Presentations & Results from 4th Meetup

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We had a great 4th meetup for the Shenzhen ecommerce group! Approximately 40 people came, good mix of Chinese and English backgrounds. Allen Qu, from Netconcepts.cn spoke about Chinese SEO – his ppt is here: Baidu SEO Tao bao strategies by Zhu Li taobao-sales-optimization (1) Cross border logistics, by Richard Li from 4px Presentation–from 4px

Full Moon Today, Don’t Make Decisions Too Quickly

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As I have said, its been a transitional time for me, maybe that is how we always grow? Learn. Challenge ourselves. I wish I talked to my father more, but I did give him a call last night to catch up. Just the idea he supports me unconditionally has helped. To be honest, I almost credit this blog…he reads it …

Factory Power Outages, A Reality Of Chinese Factories

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Just another struggle with Chinese factory life…not sure if people here know, but due to high energy consumption and limited capacity of factories in China – they turn off power in certain factories. This is not the choice of the factory, but instead the local or province government forcing this to happen in order to prevent power outages (blackouts, brownouts) …

Visit To a Shenzhen Bluetooth Factory

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A rainy monday here in shenzhen, took a trip with my friend James to Long Hua district of shenzhen, the factory district of this massive city. Its a growing factory that wants to expand towards direct distribution, invited some foreigners to visit, discuss cooperation and assistance in marketing and branding. Late last year I had visited a mouse factory in …

New QQ group for our meetings!

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Guangyao has setup a new QQ group for our meetings, to better stay in contact 148191823 please add this group to better stay in touch with events and updates!