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If I were born a chinese farmer

In china business by Michael Michelini12 Comments

Being in Shenzhen, China, I am exposed to a diverse community of people – rich Chinese businessman, adventurous young aspiring entrepreneurs, cheaters, beggers, and a lot of farmers! Now, it is easy to joke about a struggling Chinese farmer….they are low educated and will do almost anything to earn money to feed themselves and their families. You will see them …

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Cultural Differences Between Americans and Europeans

In china business, usa by Michael Michelini8 Comments

Being in China, I didn’t expect to be exposed to so many europeans….but from my experiences I have gotten involved with more Europeans than Americans here. Of course I am learning more and more how do to business in China as a foreigner…..but at the same time, I am getting exposure to doing business with Europeans. My involvement with DBR …

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Investing In China – everyone talking about it

In china business by Michael Michelini6 Comments

I’ve been more calls then ever before from friends and business associates back in USA. It must be all over the television more then ever – investing in china! But really, its not at all as easy as anyone can imagine….. First of all, being a foreigner, who do you trust when you get here? The government isn’t exactly welcoming …

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Hard Choices Make Us Stronger

In china business by Michael Michelini8 Comments

I try not to get my emotions mixed into things…but life is life…and I am who I am…..I guess I genuinely care about the outcomes in life for others like myself……maybe that is why I get myself in difficult situations to begin with…… But right now, I am part of DBR Shenzhen Oy and I have been back from a …