Discouraged / Confused Going into 2009.

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Past few days have been really discouraging for me…..I emailed this to my staff today =================================================subject: guess I am a bad manager Thanks guys…………………..I am really too nice, and now I am being totally taken advantage of…. At first I was upset when (another company president) offered to have me work with him…I thought I was doing good….but I am …

Merry Christmas from China!

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Besides some scattered christmas decorations, there isn’t much christmas in China. Plus in southern china the climate is warm – so no feeling at all of the Christmas I knew growing up in Connecticut, USA! Christmas eve night though – the city is packed with people, restaurants jam packed with higher sticker prices due to the christmas holiday – bars …

Overextending myself? Hope not overpromising

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Pushing as hard as I can, like usual. Getting comments from my friends reading this blog saying all I do is work!!! Well, yea its what I like to do, why I am glad I quit my dayjob and took the plunge. Learning, growing, becoming better for the next time….. But the past weeks have been more about dealing with …

Old Next to New

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Move went pretty smoothly…haha….paid approx $10usd to two “lawn mower” motor 3 wheel bikers…hilarious, although nerve racking that all my belongings are hanging and strapped from these bikes…..but move went along nicely. Exciting to see the change, and its motivating the whole staff to work harder and with more room they can focus better…..its working