This is the week to kick some ass

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The endless working days upon weeks upon months upon years…and I have never felt like so many things have “clicked” together like they have over this weekend….. spyble SEO system went live, ebay UK re-instated me, electrapour production samples look awesome, gaining traction with staff and business partners…. while there are a few negatives and a lot of risks still …

Bai Jiu & Ducks in the Road

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Group photo in the office……….took some shots of the Chinese White Wine Baijiu to celebrate FRIDAY…..everyone seems to be getting along nicely and becoming my Chinese family!!!! Brent ran into these in the road the other day visiting the electrapour factory…hilarious….never know what you can run into driving in China.

Happy Birthday Jocelyn!

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its my sister’s birthday today – October 19 – sitting here at midnight on a sunday thinking about those days w/ my sis and the fam. Being in a foreign country really makes you appreciate your friends and family back home. I can say I’m a bit homesick….and tired of fighting everyone in business….it seems all my projects and interests …

Surrounded by people working to embetter themselves

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I realize how important it is to surround yourself with good people…and I can say that I have that in my office in China. I get a good feeling in my gut when I see the work getting done each day. I realize how important it is to motivate others….understand what people think about, what makes them happy, and what …

Financial Crisis & Personal Investments

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as we all watch the world “collapse” I sit back and ponder. I guess I feel a bit lucky, personally, because my life savings is currently invested in my own startups rather than a stock portfolio (except my rapidly deteriorating retirement fund which I cannot touch for 40 years anyway) But we all need to sit back….should this say “why …

How to valuate these companies???

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the more i study business and finance the more i learn its all a crapshoot….but there are 3 ways to valuate a company 1) book value times a multiple —– assets minus liabilities = book value. Then you get the multiple based on market value for similar companies. 2) cash flow times a multple —– how much free cash is …