Spyble kickoff – a bit of insanity

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applied for a trademark on spyble last night directly on uspto.gov Really pushing more for online marketing these days…..have been success and seems to use my knowledge much more. Differentiate myself. Spyble SEO competitive intelligence [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jEnTi6pTFY&hl=en&fs=1]

Am I just a white guy trying to profit off low cost labor?

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Guess I can say my time here has been somewhat emotional at times…but its sad that I get used to seeing beggars and dead broke people walking the streets. Visiting factories with workers getting paid such small amounts of money (side note – I have not seen child labor – or conditions not workable). Seeing these things day in and …

Suing a Chinese Factory

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Let the games begin….here’s the letter to my Chinese Lawyer ============ Hi Liyan, I want to sue a factory for quality issues, can you help? I have a quality clause in it and I have a strong case they did not meet those requirements Mike =========== man, I can definitely say i’m doing some crazy things in my life

Maybe I Should have gone to MBA school……

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Shanghai China Disco MT3 a few nights agoPast week….was a rollercoaster….emergency call from a usa customer…..next day flight to a factory (below) 2 days of negotiation….conference calls, fighting….contracts, legal consul, everyone wants to be a “boss” until shit hits the fan. Maybe MBA school would have been a better way to learn….but then again…..what do you really learn in MBA …

hiring and firing…….in china.

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Never easy hiring – choosing one person who is better than another to work in your company….but man it sucks to tell someone they are no longer fit to work here anymore. It was a bit of racism too, a girl I had working here, 31 years old so she thought she was senior to me and could teach me …

China is Proud

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Wow, it really has been insane being in china during the olympics. I am on the other side of the country (south) and still the energy is amazing….they’ve hung Chinese flags all over….the opening ceremony was out of control…..I thought Americans were proud of their country…..seems in China they had something to prove to the world…and I would say the …

Definitely Never a Boring Day in China

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Think what really intrigues me about living in China is the normal day to day living….this didn’t seem too strange to me in the car yesterday, but Ivan my friend mentioned “hey take a picture of that car”…and I did Wonder if I’ll ever drive in China…..but this insanity is what I love about it! I thrive on chaos as …