Success in Ningbo & Government Made Me Move my Bed!

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Today – back from the airport in Ningbo (delayed flight…from 7pm to 2am takeoff…back at 5am!!! is that allowed in USA??)Government came to my home office Friday, when I was in Ningbo and basically said to my staff that was there – “you can’t live in your office…office and house has to separate”….so what do I do….move to the warehouse …

Strategy Game Plan – Next 6 Weeks

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Sundays are always my strategy evenings…reflecting on the past and looking to the future… 6 weeks are going to be jam packed and may as well publish it on the blog to see if I can cram even more!! Earlier this week – interviewing people for Chinese accounting position. Thursday May 22 to Sunday May 25 – NINGBO, China – …

Opening companies in the face of world recession.

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Bit scary as I sign contracts, open bank accounts, and wire money all over the world.. It is working – and I believe a company wrestling through the tough times makes it that much stronger. Just scary with payrolls building up….as its adding other people’s livelihood in the picture. Just keep on pushing forward – was going to start brainstorming …

Aftermath of the Earthquake

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Where I am from the earthquake – about a 2 hour flight. Sharing some photos that have been going around in China IMs…..its really sad…collections everywhere…watching crowds on the streets surround TVs showing scenes from the aftermath of the earthquake… never take 1 day on this earth for granted….

Earthquake in Cheng Du, China

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Thanks for all the emails and notes….I was a few hours southeast so didn’t even “Feel it” amazing how these natural disasters have been popping up….. was in Hong Kong when it happened – taking care of corporate structure, banking, and accounting…. write more later…..buried in emails and to-do lists

China Warehouse – 98 products

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Even with the rather discouraging week I had with the negative feelings – still pushing forward on the china ecommerce front….searching for warehouse space – looking for locality, scalability…and security……that one is a bit scary and questionable…….. was a big project most of the day today, Saturday – every day a work day not really sure what the work …

Been Seriously Racially Profiled This Week!!!!

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This week was such a hardcore week of racial profiling…..and the more I “pryed” into the topic…the worse it got! I’m looking at leasing a warehouse…and I put down a deposit…but I’m going to change the warehouse because the area is not locked down enough….I need 24/7 guard because when a white person has a storage area its a target …

Olympic Torch Passes Shenzhen, China today!

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talk about insanity – this morning I heard the torch would be passing down the street from the building here… hey, lets go after lunch and check it out….I think 50% of the city was on the streets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people climbing palm trees (see photo), standing on bus stops. Super hot today too! Umbrellas everywhere!! I feel the energy, the olympic …