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I think I’m happy!

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Can’t sleep….the usual lately…my brain is working overtime….I’m physically exhausted, but just can’t stop thinking about international business….I love every minute of it. Sure, I get completely stressed out at certain moments, situations where I seem to be at the mercy of the luck – but it pans out. Spread my bets out, don’t get in too deep with one …

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Hong Kong – Keep Pushing forward

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spent the past few days in Hong Kong – trade show, networking, business banking – can’t stop pushing forward…stopped by the Hong Kong Harbor last night – snapped a quick photo of a “thinker”. Who is this guy, what is going through his life right now, what is he….Pondering? Putting yourself in others shoes sometimes….where is he, 24 hours later …

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Different Types of Dangers when Leaving Home Country

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Haha – this was in yesterday’s paper getting scanned and emailed around the expat community here. Don’t mess with a lady and her Pineapple Cart! Been a busy week and a half here – my buddy Eric Cheng and his crew came for the weekened, stopping by Shenzhen before heading to his family’s village, Shanghai, etc. Company is rolling along …

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My Chinese Birthday Celebration

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hit the 2-7 today – have a few years before I’m 30 and gotta make a million! But like this blog’s title – Happiness in Pursuit – its all about the adventure….the places I have been, the people I have met along the way. That is richness. My staff here in the photo – Melissa and Kent – very good …