Guess This would be Fun – breaking up companies?

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Carl Icahn, multi billionaire…I wonder how happy he is? That whole money and happiness formula. I guess it would be fun to be able to say you split up motorola. I mean he is doing it for the other shareholders as well, not just himself. I mean, yea, I’d like to become some multi billionaire someday…maybe I will….but I still …

Can’t Stop – Coming like a freight train

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In an extremely motivated mode again right now….Easter isn’t celebrated in China so I’ve been spending the weekend doing office housekeeping…laying out the desks, moving things around…and general strategizing…. Feel like its taken months and months of time, but I am so pumped becase I am blazing a path that was the dream I can think of since I remember. …

Got to Think Long Term

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Reading a lot of articles today…between financial distasters and leaders getting shun…its got to be a much harder time for some compared to me – but I have put my money where my mouth is – building an international business in the face of a market crash is difficult – but believe this is a smart long term move – …

Sad watching the US Economy

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man….Monday morning here in China (Sunday night in USA)….read the news about Bear Sterns going bankrupt (well really selling out @ $2.00 to JP Morgan) that stock was $150 before I quit Deutsche Bank last year…and mid $60s last week or so….wow. talk about losing everything. I talked to my friend Dana who still works at Deutsche Bank – and …

Go Karts, Condom Noses, Full Lamb Roast

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Wow, wish I had brought my video camera for this one – last night at a bachelor party dinner our friend here from Germany shows us his trick – Pull a condom through your nose / nostril and then out your mouth!! It was painful to watch…..very freaky… But I love this – had a South African snort up a …

ok try number 2

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DIdn’t expect so many people would call me out on that one – but hey…I sent the youtube video back to the manufacturer and she explained I’m supposed to cut the ends of the lemons off first… [youtube=] Hustling a lot lately….making things happen…after almost 3 months here I got my feel and know what I gotta do to take …

Product Testing Can Be Fun

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Had to show some of my colleagues in USA a sample demonstration of a product we’re looking at…and instead of emailing it – why not upload to YouTube? My camerawoman / Assistant Melissa is recording…and it may be the beginning of a new video series…product testing in China…made fun [youtube=]

Brains, Gossip, & Survival

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back in Shenzhen now for a few days….completely swamped with follow up meetings, phone calls, hundreds of emails…and I think i’m finally catching up now to post some on the blog here….wow its been intense! Here are some photos from the last couple days of my trip last week – bus station in Yong Kang… check out the guy sleeping …

Deep in Zhejiang Province (i.e. FOB Ningbo) – roadtrip!

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wow the past week has been insane – flew to Shanghai, spent the weekend there- trade shows, factory visits, partying, networking, met college friend Xing, crashed at my buddy Brent’s apartment, then he and I drove his car to YuYao (3 or 4 hour drive) Monday. I drove for the first time in China that day….what a rush…. Greg Schwartz …